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TRIAL, REVIEW & GIVEAWAY!!!: Billion Dollar Brows Brow Kits

So its been a while since I've done a non-polish beauty review, and this is a great one for me to start back with!

I never really bothered with my eyebrows until about 5 years ago - i never realised what a HUGE difference shaping them and looking after them made to the way your face looked! You don't realise how badly they need to be done until they're done!  Normally, its the one thing i out-source, as I'm hopeless at them and I've been happy with the girl i went to.  However, I've moved completely away from the area and haven't found one i yet so I'm on my own...managing...just!  So these goodies were great to try!!

The first kit I'm reviewing is their Best Sellers Kit. These cost £49.50 at Boots, depending on where you shop, and they contain pretty much everything you will need to get the perfect brow. 

Universal Brow Pencil - Formulated to work with all skin tones & hair colours, this mechanical eyebrow pencil goes on smooth and natural.

Brow Duo Pencil - Our secret weapon! Apply the Highlighter on your brow bone to add gorgeous definition and warmth.  Use the concealer end to cover blemishes.

Smudge Brush -  Blends the Brow Duo Pencil to perfection.

Brow Gel - Hold & Control: The perfect finishing touch for a polished, manicure brow - guaranteed not to flake.

This kit has pretty much everything you need to do great brows.

For me the best item out of the box was the Universal Brow Pencil as it was the one i used most and the best one to use if you're in a rush!  It went on very creamy, and it was a light brown, which is how it makes it suitable for blonde or brunette.  it doesn't need to be pressed hard and blends in naturally.  Definitely a must have in an emergency make up kit! The up-and-down mechanism was fluid and kept the pencil protected and theres actually a lot there! LOVED this!!
The Duo pencil is nifty little thing.  The concealer is great for fair skin tones like mine - its creamy and blends well and hides small and superficial blemishes OK.  The highlighter was as well creamy, but at 36 i think i was too aware of it shimmering on my face, but it did what it was supposed to!
The smudge brush was a great size. The bristles were soft but tightly packed to give you more control over smudging.
The only one i didn't really get along well with was the brow gel!  I think its a personal preference though!! Again, it did what it as meant to and akin to hairspray for hair!

Would i recommend it? For the brow Pencil, i would most definitely!

So the other kit was their 60 Seconds to Beautiful Brows kit, worth £24 available from Boots.

In total contrast this was a powder to be used with the included smudge brush. In comparison (again, with the above kit), the brush is much smaller and is angled to help shape the brow.

Dual Ended Brow Brush - Two tools in one! This brow brush allows you to create a soft line that precisely defines your brows.  Blend with the spoolie end of the brush for a natural looking finish.

The powder itself is quite a neutral brown, named "Taupe".

Brow Powder Taupe - Our most popular shade.  This versatile shade works for light to dark hair colours and skin tones.

The powder is picked up easily by the short brush and goes on smoothly and blends well.  It doesn't need much to cover the eyebrow and it looks very natural.  The brow spoolie helps brush the hairs to keep them neat and tidy and all in the right direction.  All combined it works great!

So did this give me "Beautiful Brows in 60 seconds"?  I'm gonna say yes.  But i have to say i did cheat a little and used the Universal Brow pencil that came with the Best Sellers Kit above as well.  That one is most definitely becoming a staple in my make up kit!!!

So, Billion Dollar Brows are offering three lucky readers a chance to win their own Best Sellers Kit worth £42!  This is only available to UK residents, so get in there! I'd definitely recommend trying to win these - they're a great thing to have in your make up bag!!

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  1. Great prize! Thanks for the chance to win. Love Brows xxx

  2. Fab giveaway thanks, i'm eyebrow obsessed x


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