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BOOK REVIEW: The Truth Spell (Werewolf High #1) By Anita Oh

Title: The Truth Spell
Series: Werewolf High (book 1)
Author: Anita Oh
Genre: YA, paranormal, Fantasy
Pages: 144 pages

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As soon as I stepped onto the grounds of Amaris High, I knew I'd made a big mistake. I could never fit in at such a snobbish school – I was more IT girl than "it girl". But then I saw him.

Sam Spencer. My childhood best friend. But it couldn't be. Sam Spencer had died three years ago, on the night that changed everything. I need to know what happened, why he's suddenly not dead and is hanging out with a bunch of rich kids.

When the school is hit by a truth spell, it seems like the perfect chance to find out what Sam and his creepy new friends are hiding, but the weirder things get, the less I'm sure I want to know. Even for Sam, even for the free food, Amaris High might be more trouble than it's worth

After several years in the warm, comforting cocoon of fandom, Anita has decided to see what's up with this real world she's heard about.  Judgment is reserved until more information can be gathered.
Anita likes dogs, naps, food, and Japanese idol group Arashi.  Everything else can be improved when combined with these four things.

Anita lives with a grumpy beagle who bosses her around terribly, and won't even snuggle.

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An extremely easy book to read, indicating the audience is aimed at the younger to middle YA ages.  There is a small amount of strong language but as far as anything "adult", that's it.

We start with Lucy suddenly starting at this new school that is shrouded in mystery and secret with no place or address on the map.  shes got a full scholarship to it, but we don't know how.  It just appeared, and she took it.  Until then, shed been at her local high school, taking care of her brothers and her ill mother and struggling to make ends meet.  Her father had long gone.

As the new girl, she fits the usual prerequisites of finding a couple of friends, not knowing the "rules", and rubbing the 'cool' kids up the wrong way.

When walking around one night, she bumps into one of the 'cool' kids, Tennyson and something bizarre happened in the Zen garden.  It bears a startling semblance of a spell - witchcraft, which Lucy thinks is absurd.

Soon its affecting the whole school.  Tennyson is holding Lucy solely to blame, despite her exasperatedly repeatedly telling him she has no clue what this is and that she didn't even believe in magic and there had to be a "logical reason".  But he remains suspicious of her, and is constantly watching her.

To add more confusion...shes seeing things.  Her childhood friend and next door neighbour, Sam.  But he died 3 years ago. How is she seeing him??

To find the truth to so many questions she has, she has to work with Tennyson and the others....But what will they say about her seeing her dead friend? Is she going mad?

This felt like the foundation being built of a series, which i guess in essence it is.  But, while it was trying to do that and mix in a story, it was a little gappy.  Little hints were thrown in, but then never referred to again, which could be something major to the story.
It would have been nice to have seen more of the characters personalities, but perhaps that's in store for the next one!

I do feel its designed to keep you wanting to read the next book, which i guess is what the point of a series is!  And as a young-mid age YA book, it actually slots in well.  If you're older you need to remember this.  Older YA's series have much heavier first books in series and build on them.

*This book was sent to me for an honest review*


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