Sunday, 20 December 2015

Its Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas......At Last!

OK so during November, and the before the big day itself, people are generally stressed out to heck.  Shopping. Budgeting. Getting everything right.  Sending out cards, afraid to miss someone out in case of offending them.  Grabbing the best turkey on the shelf on Christmas Eve. Getting the decorations up. Dealing with the kids wants-wants-wants.

Not to mention work.  My heart goes out to everyone working in the public sector dealing with shoppers daily...they must be seeing a distinct change in people as the days go by.  I know that when i dare venture out, i cannot believe how rude people have gotten - have no manners just got a free pass for the month??!! Snarling at the car grabbing the spot you had the eye on.  Groaning while sitting in -yet again- an endless traffic jam.

Pressure. Pressure. Pressure.
For one day.

So - lets forget all that negative crap.

I spend my Christmas with just my mum.  Yep just us two.  And i love it.  A little background to explain i think....

My mother and i had not spoken since 1998 until 2010.  I had no other family.  I just had a "boyfriend" who i was with for 7 years - a relationship that should never have started, let alone last that long.  During those 7 years, he drained my life from me.  Turned me into someone i didn't know.  Abused me in ways i didn't know was possible.  Acted in ways i didn't know a human could act towards someone. Lied with such conviction it was terrifying.  He destroyed me, and very nearly let me literally die.  Birthdays, Christmases....everything like that meant nothing.  To me, it was a sad and painful reminder of what they were when i was at home, with my mum and my nan (my "father" and his side of the family was never part of my life).  The love, the belonging...everything.  It hurt.

Us reconnecting other word for it...fate.
Neither of us knew we were struggling and how much we needed each other.
My nan had passed away a few months previously and mum was devastated and struggling.  Needless to say, i was too when i was told - and heartbroken i missed the chance to say goodbye.
And i was at the lowest point i had ever been and also struggling, and about to finally confront my lying cheating scum of an ex about his lies.

My nan had told my mum before she passed.....if there was something she could do from "up there"...she would get us together.  Of all the moments.  In all the time that had passed. The was NOW we connected again.  We can't help think that maybe she had her little hand in it....wouldn't surprise us!!

So - that explains why we now love our Christmases.  Just us two. Well, Max and Penny, our two pampered pooches and Neo and Maizie the Cutey Kitties!
Our decorations get better every year, and my mum rocks at it.  She has an amazing eye for detail!!

This is us for this year!

And our Treeeeeeee....

We get special additions each year.  Due to both of us not really celebrating it before we got back together, we've had to start from scratch, which is nice in a way.  its just OUR tree!
This years were a ballerina and an angel....except butterfingers here dropped the angel, and her wings broke...shes still on the tree but shes now our "fallen angel"!!! The cat and dog - well, come on...!! We hadn't seen cute ones like this....

our Fallen Angel....

We have 2 traditions at Christmas....

We build a Gingerbread House....badly....!!!

And we get each other daft, cute pyjamas....that we wear ALL day......

And that's it.
That's our Christmas.
Its small.
Its simple.
Its what we want.
We don't spend hundreds.
We don't try to "keep up with the Jones"....

I guess what I'm trying to say is....don't forget what Christmas is meant to be...forget the presents and money and the dinner....
Having lost my not say goodbye to her or spend another Christmas with her makes me sad.  Its her Birthday on New Years Eve, which is always a mixed day for both of us.  The fact i have a second chance to be with my mum at this time of year.....i don't need her to spend ANY money.

I'm happy sat with her, in our daft pyjamas, with the woofs in their beds, all happy, with a drink, watching something ridiculously funny on the television. Simple.

So? How are you spending your Christmas this year? How are your decorations? I'd love to see them -so if you blog, vlog, IG them, please leave a link so i can visit!!

Whatever your beliefs, if you celebrate Christmas, or not, i wish you a wonderful time this "holiday season" however you spend it and hope you have a lovely time!


  1. Aww enjoy every moment of your Christmas with your Mum - it sounds like a very special time of year for you both. x

    1. Thanks Sarah! Hope you have a great Christmas too! :) xx

  2. Wowzers, there is so much in this post. I'm sorry you had an ex like mine too. :-(

    I am so glad you're back in touch with your mum though. Loving the little tradition of badly made gingerbread houses!

    Happy Crimbo.

    1. Ps, I used to work in retail and my word some people were awful to us. I went home in tears often.
      Not all customers were mean but sadly it was a high percentage. :-/

    2. First off - im sorry you had the unfortunate luck to get an ex like mine, but plus side - at least theyre physically out of our lives, right? <3

      Looking back, i was actually lost without her, but buried it deep - its fab to be back with her - shes an amazing woman, not just a mum!

      And yep - having worked retail too (and mum still there so i see and hear it too!!) i cannot believe how bad its got..its kinda sad that its not a happy time anymore...

      Never mind - nearly over and hopeully people will be back to normal!
      Have an awesome Christmas hun xx
      (and dont forget to have a laugh at our appalling Gingerbread House later!!!)

  3. I loved reading this so much I am off to subscribe.

    Have a wonderful Christmas with your mummy! I love simple Christmases with my family. I know what you mean about the stress and rudeness from shoppers and instead of them wishes you a merry Christmas, they are more likely to snarl at you for slowing them down. It's crazy and the main reason I am actually finished shopping this year. I can now spend the week enjoying the kids who have finished school and doing Christmasy things :D

    1. Emma - THANK YOU!! That means a lot to me that you liked my post so much!!! <3 <3
      Sometimes simple is better - complicating things seems to be the thiing that stresses i think!!
      Hope you and your family have a wonderful christmas!! xx

  4. yes it truly is with just a few days left til christmas

  5. Have a great Christmas with your mother. I know what it's like not speaking to your mother, I have a very complicated relationship with my mother. In short: We don't talk to each other and when we do, it's just stressful for both. I hope all goes well, don't put too much pressure on you.

    Merry Christmas!

  6. I am more than sure you are going to have an amazing Christmas just the two of you, it sounds like you have been on an amazing journey x

  7. I am totally loving your cat and dog tree decorations! They are stunning and I want some too.

  8. This is such a beautiful story!! Very happy for you that you managed to rekindle your relationship with your mum and I hope the two of you (and your furry friends!) have a very Merry Christmas :)

  9. I love your tree decorations, especially the animals. It's great to hear you and your mum managed to sort things out, it's like a perfect ending Christmas story :)

  10. How lovely that you are starting your own traditions and making memories that will warm your heart and soul for years to come. Your traditions should be personal and mean something and shouldn't be what everyone else is doing. I love the cute PJ's idea and playing in them all day. Such a fun and creative idea!

  11. Aww enjoy your Christmas with your mum, sounds like a lovely time x


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