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REVIEW: Hounded By Tasha Black (Woodland Creek Blog Tour)

Title: Hounded
Series: Woodland Creek
Author: Tasha Black
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Published: November 15th 2015
Pages: 158 pages
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This dog is about to have his day...

Dulcie Alette is an empath, with a soft spot for bad boys and a knack for solving mysteries.

So when dog­shifter Van Blanco, a drop­dead gorgeous fighter with a checkered past, rolls into town, Dulcie is over the moon.

Until she gets involved with a mysterious murder, and Van turns out to be the number one suspect.

Can she keep her passions in check long enough to solve the case and prove his innocence, or will Van turn out to be more of a bad boy than she could have ever imagined?

Find out in this steamy, modern take on the classic Sherlock Holmes Mystery, The Hound of the Baskervilles.

He didn’t let go of her hand, but led her quickly to the doorway of the ruined brick building, his hand burning under her touch. 

A rusty padlock graced the thick wooden door. Van let go of Dulcie’s hand, stepped back, and gave the door a hard kick. 

The door groaned, and the metal hasp squealed, and then gave way, leaving the padlock hanging uselessly as the door opened inward. Van grabbed her hand again and pulled her inside. 

Shafts of light from missing portions of the roof filtered in through the ivy. The space felt more like a cave than a building. Dulcie laughed with delight in the shadows beside him. The sound reverberated through every part of him. 

Her hand was warm in his. Van wished he could drink that laughter, assimilate her somehow. She was like a bottle filled to the brim with happiness, the tiniest squeeze made her overflow with joy - her merriment exploding out of her pores, and saturating everyone around her.

Before he could think about it, Van had pinned her to the wall. She was soft and yielding, her body accommodating his, her laughter still ringing in the chamber. 

He moved his mouth to hers, tasting the scent of her laughter, trying to inhale it. 

He loved her, he was in awe.

Tasha Black lives in a big old Victorian in a tiny college town. 
She loves paranormal romance and pumpkin spice lattes. 
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Another great read from the Woodland Creek Series.

This focuses on shifters Dulcie and Van.

Dulcie is a property manager who rents out/sells property (well, obviously!!).  Van regularly comes in to see if she has something he deems fit for him.  Nothing ever seems right.  As a personal fitness instructor, with a body, face and sinful smile to match - he has a reputation that goes with it.

But Dulcie can't help the flutter she feels whenever she seems him....
But shes also realistic.  Shes not is his league.  Hell, shes not even in his stratosphere!  So she does her best to be professional for him.

When a property comes available, she and Van goes to view....and stumble into something of a mystery that Dulcie finds herself eager to solve.......

The fact that it means spending more time with the delicious Van has nothing to do with it...nothing at all.....

Until all the evidence of the culprit points to Vans shifter side.....and Dulcie struggles with what her head is telling her, and what her heart is telling her.  One will help her get closer to Van...the other will push him away...... 

A great read, well written and likeable characters.  An interesting paranormal "who dunnit" mixed with romance, which is not something i read everyday, so a refreshing change too!!

Thank you for a great read Ms Black!  I hope to read some more of your work very soon!!

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