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REVIEW: Gargoyle By Scarlett Dawn (Woodland Creek Blog Tour Book Review)

Title: Gargoyle
Series: Woodland Creek
Author: Scarlett Dawn
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Published: November 15th 2015
Pages: 180 pages
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A shifter made of stone. And wings.

A human bent on free love. And drunk. 

A joke could be made with those two lines. 

But the town of Woodland Creek, it's no laughing matter. Hostile and magical residents guard their secrets. It's too easy to be found out. 

When Isaac Stone first meets Kennedy Kirk, he's tempted to shove her off the clock tower. After all, she is gripping his private parts to lean over and see his town. 

One little push is all it would take... 

Isaac never anticipated he'd be the one to fall.

New York Times bestselling author and award­ winner, Scarlett Dawn is the author of the Forever Evermore new adult fantasy series, the Mark new adult science fiction saga, and the Lion Security contemporary series.

She lives in the Midwest, adores her music loud, and demands her fries covered in melted cheese.

Contact Scarlett Dawn:

This is another from the "Woodland Creek" series, which i hosted the blog tour HERE and it was a fun read from start to finish.

Very racy from page one where Kennedy is delivering a parcel to a building full of shifters - her herself only human, but after being given a book by a dying wizard after a near death experience, she is blessed (cursed?) With being able to tell wizards, shifters and witches apart.

An odd spell is triggered while delivering the package causing everyone needing - seriously wanting and desperately NEEDING- to have sex with the nearest person....or shifter...

Trust Kennedy to pick to collapse next to the mayor, Issac....

The night affects the majority of the town, and Kennedy is quick to learn to keep quiet as to who her "partner" for the night was.  Issac equally as happy to keep as quiet.

However, Kennedy's boyfriend finds out, and rather than being angry....he is weirdly the opposite...and offers a compromise to Kennedy....and Issac of sorts.

Desperate to keep her boyfriend, Kennedy is seriously considering it.......But when another wave of dark magic threatens their safety her faith in who to trust is shattered....

And what seemed to be a chance meeting, might not have been chance to begin with....

Possibly my favourite of the Woodland Creek reads i had.  Very sizzling, fun, a book to just sit and read and lose yourself in, and i really did enjoy it.

If this is a sample of Ms Dawns writing, it wont be my last visit to her books!
Totally recommended!!!

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