Thursday, 19 November 2015

Glamulets Pre-Sale Christmas Charms and GIVEAWAY!!!!

Glamulet is having a Pre-Christmas Sale!  The sale WILL end on 30th November 2015, so, get in while you can!!  Through this post you are allowed to get the sneak glimpse of the sale and take advantage of the prices!

In their Pre-Sale, you can find Charms, Murano Beads and Bracelets.  All Charms and Beads will fit a Pandora bracelet, which is great to know as i have one which I've blogged about HERE and always looking for additions!

The charms are made from 925 sterling silver, so will sit perfectly aside other brand charms nicely.

The Murano Beads are (of course!) made from Murano glass which will provide a splash of colour and compliment any bracelet.  

And if you don't yet have a bracelet, you can easily purchase one here to begin your own charm adventure.

Glamulet is holding an awesome giveaway!
They are giving away 100 sets of Pre-Sale charms worth $75 each - its definitely worth a try, so be sure to enter!!

(Please be aware that the giveaway is being held by Glamulet.  The prize is being issued by Glamulet and you will be dealing directly with Glamulet.  Penny For Them... is just hosting the giveaway and has no inclusion in the giveaway)

However, if you are just itching to buy some items, the pre-sale has up to a massive 50% off.  The catch? There isn't one - the earlier you purchase, the more you can save!  So some charms will be cheaper than others, depending upon how quickly you snap them up!
And as an added bonus if you use this discount - CSPENNY15 - you get an ADDITIONAL 15% off - hows that for saving pennies!!!

Charm bracelets are timeless and can be added to again and again and again to celebrate any and every occasion to remember them in years to come.  Its definitely one of my favourite items - the cost is irrelevant, its the thoughts behind each one that makes me smile every time i look at them.

Good luck if you enter the competition! And happy buying if you choose to take advantage of the pre-sale!!!

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