Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Definitely Time For Warmer Clothes Too....!!!

So, i wrote about snuggling down in front of the TV on the cold nights and to keep your hands warm too....

I guess id better write about warming up ourselves when going out too!!
Its safe to say to the weather to wear Tshirts and Shorts has looooooong gone for us in the UK (and i do NOT want to read about those in the countries that have the sun right now!!!! We would be very jealous as we always are when its like this in the UK!! So shush - please!! ;) ) 

I sadly do not suit hats, so i envy those who can get away with looking good - and keeping their heads warm at the same time.  I know a lot of heat escapes us from the top our heads, so if you DO feel the cold badly - try a hat!  And i hope they suit you better than me!! They're are some really nice ones out there, so I'm not suggesting wearing a hideous tea-cosy or something you'd find on a hunter in the Antarctica!

And working our way down - we need a big, cosy scarf to snuggle our chins into - and if we need to - our noses too, cos when they get cold, they REALLY get cold and boy, do they hurt!!!

If you're anything like me...i find coats a bit of a nightmare.  I'll hold my hands up and admit I'm one that hops in the car and goes somewhere i can pop into pretty much straight away.  Then the coat is something that gets in the way.....So i normally plug for a cardigan...something that will keep me warm, but not too bulky, and much easier to deal with and stuff into my bag than a coat.....!!

Finally footwear.... weather is long gone for freeing your toes, I'm afraid!!  But, if i could i would happily wear my boots all year -  i LOVE my boots.  They're so comfy and warm and they pretty much go with anything....Jeans, leggings, a dress - at least one pair in your wardrobe you must have!!!

So there you go!! Warm from the tips of your toes to the top of your head!

The temperature is most definitely dropping now, so definitely wrap up!  But...if you can.....Stay in!  Stay snuggly warm with your PJ's and slippers on, glass of wine and some good company....how on earth can you get cold then!!

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  1. Definitely time for those boots have to have have to have............................ xx


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