Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Time to Give a Helping Hand to Your Hands

Yup, its that time again.....Good old Winter........Windy, wet, snowy and COLD.  
You can wrap your body up and put a hat on and a scarf on, but you CANNOT forget to protect your hands!! Leave them to the elements and ooooh you will feel it!!!

And not only will YOU feel it...anyone you come into contact with will as well - and they will not thank you. You know the conversation.....

The reason hands always seem to feel colder than the rest of the body? Well, its a lot of surface area but with little mass and are located the furthest away from your torso, so gets colder quicker, or doesn't get warm as quick as parts closer to your torso.

Obviously, having cold hands can be a nuisance - its uncomfortable, it makes simple things such as writing or typing flippin hard to do and in some cases can even really hurt.  It CAN in extreme cases lead to further problems like frostbite but that's in temperatures that we are lucky in the UK to not really face often, if ever.  And in health issues cold hands can be a symptom of an illness which would be a regular occurrence, not just in Winter.  So its really to try and keep our hands warm to keep us comfortable as we go about our daily routine.

The easiest way? Yup, of course its gloves! Or mittens, or whatever else you'd like to call them!

There's a lot of choice nowadays.  Not just simple black ones!  As for what i would choose....I'm a huge kid and i would have to have something along the lines of these.....

Not only are they cute, but they're gloves AND mittens - best of both worlds!! So, you can do the nasty job of de-icing the car and then flip the panda's head and warm your fingers back up!

However, i totally get that not everyone wants to have a panda on the end of the fingers....not very professional looking if you're in a high powered the best kind of gloves are ones that keep your hands warm, look smart and you're still able to do all the little niggly bits bulky gloves cant let you do.  Kinda like these:

And not to forget if you're all dressed up.. There are STILL ways to wear gloves and make it match that fabulous outfit...

But, if you're not a gloves or mitten fan, there is always someone who is that you can buy for.......

Keep yourself warm this Winter!! Or somebody else....!!

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  1. I just saw this in my email in box as I checked it before going to bed, yes at almost 5am I am still up :( Just wanted to say what a cute and cheery little post this is Claire, it has put a smile on my face, which the BBC news I was watching certainly didn't, thanks.
    Angela x

    1. Thanks Angela. In no way have any of us forgotten the news, but im glad to have helped with a smile for you - i was hoping to do that for some :)
      Hope you grabbed some sleep - i know that feeling oh so well, as you know!! ;)

  2. I've just been out in the warehouse and work and could definitely have done with some gloves! Not only am I freezing but my poor hands are all cut and sore from fighting files and filing cabinets all day! I actually have a purple pair of those panda gloves so will have to dig them out ;) x

  3. It is very cold where I live but I just keep forgetting to wear gloves. Well maybe I do not forget but just don't wear them as much as I should. :)t

  4. I wish we have a winter in our country here at PH lol, but it is impossible, If I live in north America, I would like to pick the Panda Gloves.


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