Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Clocks have gone Back - Get Back to Good TV.....

For those who read my blog or book reviews, know that i am strongly in favour in the paranormal romance genre. 

So the fact that what is on my TV Screen at the moment, is so far away from that area may come as a bit of a shock and surprise!....If I'm honest, I'm surprised too - i never pegged myself as liking series like these - i totally blame my mum who got me into Desperate Housewives, and the rest just flowed from there.

That's not to say i don't LOVE supernatural shows - Buffy, Charmed, Angel, Being Human, Vampire Diaries, Supernatural (I wish i could include True Blood, but after loving the books first i felt the TV Series did no justice..although i readily admit to lusting after the fine man that was Eric!!!).

And come on, to watch it, a small TV just wont cut needs to be something nice and big so you don't have to sit too close, clear and crisp so the quality is good to watch and the sounds are like you're in the cinema!  So the sofa is perfect to snuggle down on, in your panda PJ's, your Bugs Bunny dressing Gown, Cookie Monster Slippers and your feet up on a pouffe, with a throw over you.  Complete the set with a drink or two, and nibbles!  There!  Your own little cinema! 

I'm narrowing my list to just three series. And yup, sorry guys, they are very girly - so may not be for you!

First is Devious Maids.

Four Latina maids with ambition and dreams of their own work for the rich and famous of Beverly Hills
We stumbled upon this on our tvbox.  And LOVED it.  Its only had three seasons, and i had to admit to wondering how they'd keep it fresh, but they've managed it!
The maids all have different personalities and actually compliment each other because of this!  Not only do we follow the maids, but we also follow the people who hire them, and the stories always manage to intertwine.  Its never a straightforward employer/employee relationship.
Its a great series - funny, surprising, warming, sometimes jaw dropping and always with the cliffhanger at the end to keep you on the edge of the seat till next time!!  If you enjoyed Desperate Housewives - this one is a definite one for you!

Season Three Trailer

Next is a newer one called Mistresses.  This was actually based on a UK version, which i didn't realise until i looked last night.

A drama about the scandalous lives of a group of four girlfriends - each on their own path to self discovery as they brave the turbulent journey together.
OK, so to this one i admit i started to watch as i recognised Alyssa Milano from Charmed (lame, i know!).  But its not a bad series.  Its one of those that i feel gathers more momentum as it goes along.  Not as gripping as Devious Maids, but still a good series to watch. Season Three is currently running, and its the best I've seen to date.  The girls are changing, developing before us and its a good girly series to lose yourself in for a while. Ive read that Alyssa Milano isn't returning, but i don't know how that will affect the series.  So far, they're still including her character in the story which fits.....after that...who knows?  Just enjoy it while we can i guess!

Season Three Trailer

And last, but seriously not least is a series called Switched At Birth.

Two Teenage girls lives are turned upside down when they find out they were switched at birth
This one, i was extremely dubious about.  When watching the first episode, i thought it was something that was suited to the Nickelodeon channel.  BUT its not.  Its not what you think its going to be like!  Yes, it revolves about these two girls, Daphne and Bay, who were switched at birth. But it delves into both families lives - each character, and each part - friends, family etc. The fact that Daphne is deaf is interesting.  And its strange at first, but after a while, its unnoticeable and you find yourself immersed in learning ASL (well, i did, and so did my mum!). The main hook for me? I love Bay and Emmett's interaction (little tiny crush on the guy.....hes a cutie!) and you're always rooting for them.  But this whole series - nothing, NOTHING goes smoothly, and it shows how family and friends can either be a help....or not.

Trailer January 2014

So! If you find yourself without something to watch, and you don't want something heavy - these three might be right up your street.

Like i say, i enjoy them as they're a little break from my love of paranormal reads, and great to watch just before i tootle up to bed.  But i still love my Buffy, my Star Trek TNG and Voyager and all other things non-girly.

These are just perfect to watch on these winter nights, or on a rainy Sunday!

But, have you got a series i should watch? Id love any recommendations! I tried Lost, but i kinda gave up with it in the middle of season two.....i know - its supposed to be amazing....And again...(this is gonna get screams of "nooooooo!!!")...I've tried GoT....i couldn't follow it!! I tried reading that first and it was more confusing than watching it.  Maybe I'm not giving it enough of a chance?

SO!  Suggestions please ladies and gents!!

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  1. I actually never watch TV--but heaven knows I do read! The one about the Devious Maids might keep my attention-I'll see if it is playing on any of the stations I get.

  2. I am like Miki. When I do watch television I am very picky about what I watch. This is a great review, one that those who watch television more than I do will benefit greatly from.


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