Thursday, 26 November 2015

Blogger Squad First Giveaway!!

I am so so psyched and thrilled to present to you the very first Blogger Squad Giveaway!!!!

I'm excited to be even mentioned alongside with a lot of these names!! They're almost idols to me in the world of polish swatching and bloggers!! So yeah, to be included in this is very special and really exciting for me!!

OK - so whats the prize?  First off there is ONE HUGE PRIZE.  So ONE winner will get the lot.  All the names you see above have personally chosen items to put into the pot - so you know you're getting items that are loved by the people you see swatching and blogging everyday.  

Whats in it?
You name it - its in there!! Nail Polish (well, duh!!), top coats, base coats, cuticle oils, nail vinyls, bath and body products.....You get the drift.  Basically - you can have a very Happy Nail Mail Day!!

Best of all  - especially for a lot of my readers - its INTERNATIONAL!!!  So get in there!!

Usual deal - Rafflecopter time!!  This will finish on December 18th midnight EST time.  The winner will then be picked, and emailed. Then - this is the important bit!! - THEY HAVE 48 HOURS TO RESPOND!!! If no response is received, another winner will be chosen, so please be sure to check after the giveaway has ended - if you're chosen and you miss this will kick yourself!!

Thank you for entering and tons of good luck your way!! 


  1. I love holidays. They make me relax which is something i've never been very good at!!

  2. I love relaxing. There is nothing to rush about for especially at Christmas.

  3. having a sleep in on school holidays

  4. i love spending time with my family

  5. All the food and spending time with family :)

  6. Getting to spend more time with the family :)


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