Friday, 30 October 2015

Pink Mani Supersized for BCA -Part III - Picture Heavy!

So, time to squeeze one last Supersized Pink mani post.  These pictures are all the ones i have been sent for this project!

So, again, thank you to the kind ladies for allowing me to share these with you, and we hope you have loved them as much as we loved doing them, as well as seeing everyone elses!

We did this to raise awareness, and even if it just helps one person...its successful.  Our thoughts and love goes to those who has had cancer invade their lives in one way or another, and not just breast cancer.  We hope for positive news, and for increasing research to finally give us the upper edge over it.

Don't forget to check.  Don't be embarrassed to go to your Doctor!  They are there for these things.  It could save your life.

OK - final pink supersized! Thank you for visiting and enjoy!!

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  1. You all really did great and like you said, if only one person became aware of the issues that your colourful project was on - then you have done very well! Good job!


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