Monday, 5 October 2015

Painting Pink for October

So.  As said in a previous post, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  You'll be seeing a lot of pink mani's everywhere, and I'm happy to be part of a blog link up "The Pink Ladies AKA The Crazy Nail Addicts" which shows so many other gorgeous Mani's.  You can hop over to see others at the bottom of this post - id advise to go see!! There are some amazing Mani's out there, using art with such precise detail and beautiful pinks!! 

Me personally, I'm going to try an get a few done.  But the problem at the moment - in the UK, the sun is playing peek-a-boo and i love polish best in the sun, so lets see how weather does!

So for now, ill show you the one i did a couple of weeks ago in preparation for BCA.

The pink is a beautiful polish from a new Indie brand called Frenzy, "Pollen & Peonies".  Rachel, the mastermind behind Frenzy has created a wonderful polish.  It takes just two coats for complete opaqueness and it glides on, with a wonderful consistency.  Its packed with micro glitter of all colours that burst to life in the sun (which is why i love the sun for my polishes!!).

The ring finger is A England "Her Rose Adagio" with of course the BCA pink ribbons.  And yeah, i pressed them down into the polish, which is pretty much a no-no but i did anyway!!

So, indoors, its pretty!

Outdoors....the sun just does its magic and the polish is just brought to life....!!

If you have a BCA mani you'd like to share, please do add your link to the Linkz below, or leave your link in the comments!  Id love to see them!

Any illness is horrible. If by doing pink nails we can just raise awareness....its worth it.

Take Care

To Find the Polishes Used:

Frenzy Polish: Online Store  /  Facebook  /  Instagram

A England: Online Store / Facebook


  1. Yay, the link up is coming along nicely! Love your mani, I really need to get some ribbons. Been eyeing Frenzy polish for while, think you've convinced me! x

  2. I rarely do my nails or even get them done for me--but this is a good way to keep BCM in everyone's face!! I may just go to a salon and ask them to do it for me.

  3. As someone else said, I will go get my nails done in this colour for the period. Thanks for the reminder.


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