Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Painting Pink For October -Mani No2, and my first Dotti-cure!!

I said at the beginning of October that i hoped to do more than one pink mani this month, and -yay (for me anyway!!) - i have!
And its a first for me!

This is my very first "Dotti-cure".  And i don't think its going to be my last, because i think they just look so damn cute!!  For some reason they remind me of Minnie Mouse!

I cannot believe how something so simple can look so effective!

If you ARE going to do the polka dot look - i really do recommend getting a dotting tool (like in my picture above).  I think you can get them in a pound shop or even cheaper on Ebay - but they make the difference between the dots looking circular, and the dots....not!

As with everything, i had to practise to figure out which was the best way to work with this way to mani.  The way that worked best for me was to have the end of the dotting tool completely covered in polish.  I found the more polish you have on it, the better - if there's not much polish on the tool, most times you'll get a tiny circle or a patchy one which isn't a nice clean circle!  But it may depend on the polish brand. This worked on the two i used. 

As usual - indoors:

See what i mean when i keep thinking of Minnie Mouse!!  The three colours go really well together.

The base is Bear Pawlish "Who Ate My Tart!?", which is a delicious deep pink holo which was the perfect setting for an almost-not-there pale glittery pink from Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer called "Shimmering Sandcastle" and a shimmery pink, again from Bear Pawlish called "24 months and Counting".

As there are oodles of glitters, shimmers and holo finishes....the sun shots are always the best...

Right?? So not only is it pretty, simple and effective, girly but also just gorgeous when the sun hits it!!  I think its obvious that holo's are my favourite finish - and this is a great example of WHY!!

And heck, if I can do something as simple as this....anyone can!!

Don't forget to share your pink manis this month!!

Find the polishes Used for this Mani:
Bear Pawlish: Online Store / Facebook 
Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer: Online Store / Facebook


  1. How cute. You're young enough to enjoy decorating yourself just for the pure fun of it. However, at over 70, I don't see the need for painting my nails. I like them--don't get me wrong--and keep them trimmed according to the latest fashion, but my hands are wrinkled and veined now. Pink dots would get lost in the ridges. Hehe.

    1. Hi, Francene, thank you so much for stopping by and for your kind comments!
      However - i have to disagree with you on your nails!!! Never too old for pretty nails!!! Get those well trimmed nails painted - i bet theyll look lovely! :) :)


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