Monday, 21 September 2015

Who Will You Make Peace With?

21st September is International Day of Peace.

Specifically it is meant to be a day that around the world, that for those 24 hours there is ceasefire and no violence.
Sounds so huge, right? But since this Day was adopted by the UN in 2001, awareness and participation has increased, but not by the entire world.  One day, hopefully it will.  For just one day - it would be nice to show peace towards fellow man, be it of different race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation.

But how about a little closer to home? To your work colleagues? Neighbours? Friends that you clash with? Family?

How about yourself?

I can hold my hands up and say that i KNOW I'm not at peace with myself. Among other things, i have severe depression which knocks the whole of me out of synch.

I know the first place i need to start work, is inside me.  My inner peace.  But when the whole of you is so out of synch, the starting point is so confusing - where exactly DO you start?? There are so many areas that need to be helped that its a whirlwind.

I have in the past shared a Rune reading with you on the blog here.  Looking back on it was actually pretty accurate!  I think i need to find my Runes and have another go.  But i do think that inner peace and having your whole self at peace is important, and vital.
Did you know that you have seven Chakras? Chakras are basically different energies that make up your inner being.  

If I'm honest - all of my chakras are totally out of whack! There have been 2 particular events in the last five years that i can maybe attribute to this.

Four years ago i finally took the courage to split from a 7 year relationship that was very damaging.  It was abusive, it destroyed me and nearly killed me, literally.  Ok. Wow.  Now that even shocked ME.  That relationship affected all SEVEN wonder i was the way i was!

The other important event in the recent past was just as i split from the ex, my mum and i found each other again.  We hadn't seen each other since 1998.  There had been times when we had almost start to talk, but failed.  But this time it was...Well, long story short.... My nan had died December 2010. She and my mum had brought me up and we had all been close. To say my mum was devastated is an understatement.  One of the last things my nan promised my mum was if she could do anything about it on the other side - she would get us back together....... Just as i had split from the ex, my mum reached out, and i replied...

Just as we needed each other - we found each other.  We stRongly believe nan ha a hand in this and we thank her every day - and i KNOW that even if my chakra ISN'T totally in synch, its so much better than it was 5 years ago. 

You can check your own Chakra balance with numerous online sites, and i recommend having a look!  It might surprise you!

The thing is, though - HOW to make your Chakra balanced? Again, there are places that can help you identify what needs to be cleared and ways to strengthen them.  Like i did a rune reading above, perhaps one would help you? Or maybe a tarot card reading?  These kind of things can kind of make some things click in your mind and maybe provide a little clarity you need?

Kinda makes sense to think that if one part isn't happy, then you don't feel 100%.
Simple things can help....

So, again, i guess the question is - Who are you going to make peace with on International Peace Day?


I'm gonna try and make it with myself....but i think its gonna take more than that one day.

Be sure to take the day to heart.  Find peace somewhere or with someone, and allow yourself to just be.......

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