Monday, 28 September 2015

Think Pink for October

This is one of the most publicised awareness months, and it has every right to be.  The effect it has not only on the person who has it, but family, friends, work colleagues..... changes lives and outlooks forever.

I always think picture info gets the messages across better, as its more appealing to the eye and not as easy to skim as normal words.....
So....i guess the first place to begin is... How to check for warning signs...
It surprised me, that its NOT always just a lump to look for.

And something, i found which i guess i should have realised, but didn' are also susceptible to breast cancer.  I'm kinda shocked at myself that it didn't dawn on me...

Cancer is always a scary word and when you read breast cancer can affect 1 in 8 women, it brings it close to home how many cases there really are....BUT more than 8 in 10 (85%) survive by five years or more (Source: Breast Cancer

Treatments nowadays are varied.....

But there is more research, help than ever before, bringing real hope and optimism.

How Can You Find Out More Information? 

There are so many websites, blogs and health care sites that its easy to fin somewhere online.  Your GP, medical centres, hospitals, even pharmacies can give you advice.

Some Comprehensive sites can be found here:

How can you help?

The obvious is by donating to a reputable charity - again easily found by online searching but for example:

There are Charity Shops that hold hidden treasures for fantastic prices that help towards funding the research - so always take a peek! Ive found some great items in there! I found my mum an amazing dress that was from Per Una from M&S for just £2 and it looks fantastic on her! Every Little DOES help in this case!

How about taking part in the number of walks around the country or even taking part in the Arctic marathon in 2016!
Find an event through Cancer Research but be sure to have a look online - theres so many activities! Dog walking, hiking, baking, coffee mornings - such small social activities could raise those important pennies to help to find a cure - once and for all.

And who could forget the all important pink ribbon.

This has become the universal symbol for the fight against breast cancer.  But its not just ribbons anymore and again can be found in so many places! AND not just for women!

For the month of October, I'm trying to bring more pink to the blog and sharing not only some of my (poor!) Mani's but some girls who generously said i could use theirs too.  
I know this only helps bring awareness, but i hope that if it only helps one person then its good!

There is also going to be an auction that i will have further details of and a link so you can join in!

So for now, be sure to take time to check yourself for any signs, maybe hold a coffee and cake morning, or pop into a charity shop, and keep in your thoughts all the people who HAVE gone though it, who ARE going through it and who are going to BE going through love and best wishes goes out to the person with the cancer and to their family and friends, and not just for breast cancer.

Check.  It could save your life. 


  1. The font on those infograhics is so small I can't read it. Either way though, it is important to raise awareness.

    1. it was the largest it would go! But if you click the picture it would enlarge onto the screen :)
      I should put that on really!! Thanks! :)


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