Monday, 14 September 2015

Ok, so Im Baking....Gardening too??

I would make a hopeless 1950's-traditional-esque wife as i stand...well, maybe not totally hopeless - but my mother is determined to give me skills i sorely lacked (domestic!!!)...
Ironing - check
Make a cracking cuppa - check
Baking cakes - check
Gardening...... uhmm.....hmm.

I didn't inherit my mums or my nans green fingers....not even a pinky finger.  So my mum has her work cut out.  But at a convenient time.

We had six 30ft Leylandii trees cut down recently - releasing a massive patch of previously unusable bit of garden.

After we adjusted to the vast amount of light this released- we needed ideas, and Homify fitted this bill perfectly.  What we liked about this multi layered website was first, we created an ideabook, keeping it to ideas that would be suitable for our garden and we WOULD buy.

So this here is my IDEABOOK.  So easy to set up. Just join the site and click to add a new book.  You can have more than one - which is perfect if you're looking to do a couple of rooms.

Some examples which had both my mum and I oohing and ahhing and sat on the site for well over 2 hours...!!

Exposed Braai : Fire pits & barbecues by The Braai Man
These lights look so pretty - almost like the dandelion heads that you used to blow into the wind when you were a child.

Lifestyle : Accessories & decoration by Eva Solo
As we had the trees cut down, this would be a perfect way to carry on helping the birds without it looking out of place, or an eyesore.

Rustic Olive Wood Party Canapé Boards with Wine Holder : Accessories & decoration by The Rustic Dish
This is just the thing we need when 2 hands just aren't enough!

Fairy door : Accessories & decoration by Marble Inspiration
This was just too adorable to not add to the idea book! We have one big tree left - this would look just too cute at the base of it!!

Round pebble mesh with grill : Fire pits & barbecues by La Hacienda
This is not only an attractive center piece but gives off much needed heat as the evening cools down!

After looking at the individual products, we moved over to the rooms - some of the gardens are amazing and we struggled to choose which we'd love more!! These are just a few that caught our eye....

This would make the area colourful, eye catching and modern at the same time.

Garden Room : Classic style garden by Garden Affairs Ltd
This is something we would LOVE to have - a summer house at the end of the garden - perfect for lazy summer evenings for late dinners and wine....and the rain wouldn't affect the ambiance!

This is possibly our favourite! Relaxing, calm, serene, love the water feature.  Yes there are trees, but they are elegant, manageable and still offer the privacy which is appreciated when out in the garden.

So, inspiration can be found at Homify. That's pretty obvious.  You can do it room by room, product by product, or even check out what the professionals are doing to give you that cutting edge that your friends may not have! And even better, you can contact them through the site - one job less!

It has the feel of a "one stop shop" as a saying where i used to work would say.  Everything in one place.  There is even a 'discussion' area -  basically a forum to ask for help, ask for recommendations (sadly cowboys are always around and recommendations are always good to have), before and after projects and tips on decorating.

I have to admit to being pleasantly surprised by my trip to Homify and openly admit to returning to get inspiration, ideas, advice and hopefully.....a nice garden!

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