Friday, 21 August 2015

Stylish and Sophisticated, Snazzy and Sexy, Soothing and Snuggly - Its covered!


No longer followed automatically by "pipe and slippers"...or "for the elderly"....or for the under 5 year old crowd.
These have long become a must have staple in a girls wardrobe - and the thing is, they're kinda like shoes or a handbag - you need the right one to match with what style you're wearing.

Theres the smart, and stylish for work or meetings....

the little cardigan to take the chill off when on that special date, yet adding a subtle hint of femininity.

And then (has to be my favourite) the one that you can snuggle into and just feel so comfy- whether it be watching TV on a rainy day, or a walk on a day where the weather cant decide what to do.  The snuggle cardigan is almost a feeling of safety...of a big sigh of coming home - sounds daft huh, but if you've got one, you know what i mean!

There's also other reasons for cardigans.  For me, personally, i prefer them over coats. Even in the winter.  Due to my M.E i can get hot and cold periods throughout the day - without warning, and coats are bulky and a pain - cardigans however, are much easier to take off and carry if i have to and to shrug back on again when i go cold again.

SO - no longer be embarrassed of the cardigan! Embrace it, wear it, LOVE it - its a staple of a wardrobe, a must have for whatever the reason (me - for snuggle purposes mainly!), but they're no longer (and haven't been for a while.....!) something to hide away in the dark depths of your closets!

Go forth and wear them with pride!!!

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