Tuesday, 4 August 2015

NOTD: Lilypad Lacquer "Sweet Dreams Angel"

It's been a long time since i dedicated a post to just one polish, but this one deserves it!

Everyone who knows me well, knows of my love of Lilypads. I seem to have been happy collecting them....and then the worst crime.....not using their beauty....so I'm on a mission to share some with you and i thought id start with a beautiful one that has a story! 

I was so excited to get this one as it was a One of A Kind (OOAK).  This was one of the many Indie brands that all banded together to raise funds for the "Kindness In Polish" Charity in February 2014.  These included OOAK from Glam Polish, Dead Set Babes, Celestial Cosmetics, Love Thy Polish, Lilypad and many more (have a quick read HERE and HERE) - and others donating rare and hard to find polish to raise monies for Angie who was battling cancer.  You can read her story HERE, but have your tissues at the ready :( 

This is "Sweet Dreams Angel".  

It is a jaw dropping perfect purple with more holographic glitter going through it than you can imagine.  It is - just perfection.  Of course, it comes to life when the sun shines on it, and the holo-ness dances for you but then it shows a hint of deep red in perfect sync with the purple.  

Application is perfect. Smooth and just the right consistency.  The brush is the exact right size - so it made making mistakes (which i am extraordinarily good at!!) harder to do....although i can imagine you'll spot some!
It took 2 coats for full opacity.  Base coat and top coat were Eye Candy Gel Wrap System (which has become a favourite of mine lately!), which gives it a great sheen and its a fast dry top coat to boot.

Indoors....a lovely purple polish....

Outdoors - just a colour that i can't stop staring at!!!

And to show just how much goes on in the bottle, check out the few macro shots i took....

So, yeah - to say i was excited to be able to get this one is an understatement. Shes beautiful. Shes purple.  Shes holographic.  Shes a Lilypad.  Everything i love in a polish!
I know there are a LOT of similar, or even dupes out there for this, but this one will always be special due to the reason it was made.  It showed the kindness that the Nail Polish Community has.  How the makers are happy to make OOAK to raise funds for polish lovers in need, and how polish lovers and more than happy to pay for the prices to help someone in need and to own a beautiful polish.

You can find/stalk Lilypad Lacquers in any of these ways!
Facebook  /  Store  /  Instagram

There are plenty of online Indie polish retailers in which you can buy Lilys from too, so be sure to check some of them out - you wont be disappointed!!


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