Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Its Wine O'Clock Somewhere.....

You know this is true, and some have it as a motto!!
But I'm not looking at the wine!! Ever looked at what it goes IN??

When you're in your teens, heck anything can go in a mug, or a tumbler.....or no glass at all!!! But, as the gracious decades add on, the subtle want and need for sophistication is born and nurtured in us as dinner parties, socialising and work dinners begin to creep into our lives!

Before researching this post, i knew there were different glasses for white and red wine and ones for champagne.....but got to admit - rose glasses? New on me... Ones specifically for Merlot....or for Burgundy....for the serious connoisseurs i think!...but, hey - doesn't mean you don't know what you're talking about if at ones home....

Quick Guide!

White Wine Glasses - Narrower and a smaller 'tulip' which helps the wine stay cooler for longer. Also, there is less need to aerate white wine.

Red Wine Glasses- Needs a rounder, wider bowl to allow the wine to 'breathe'.  This gives maximum air to the wine (and of course the added drama to the table..!!) This style also directs the wine to the very tip of the tongue.

These are just a few ideas - but there are soooo many choices out there now! 
Personally I'm loving the swirly colours at the moment....not to  sure what that says about me....but hey, i like it!!

Prices, styles, colours and cuts can be diverse and you can still get gorgeous glasses at great prices - be quirky, be fun, be stylish, be royalty!  Your wine glass can say whatever you want it to!!

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