Wednesday, 4 February 2015

MEMEBOX: Vivito Holiday Edition

Bit of a whim buy this one.  it had an RRP of $137 and they went down to $35 - i saw the powder and blush and thought it would be worth it for those alone!

However, these came in a box, with no card or anything to tell me what box it was or what the items were.  Its only because they had VIVITO written on them all that i knew it was that box!

And when it came to get the details about them - I've had to go back onto the MEME website, and go to the box online and get it from there......i have to say I'm not liking this new change in leaflets etc.

I DID receive another box that was a "value" box (not in the sense of the 2 boxes together, but a box put together with good value) - that came in a normal everyday brown cardboard box, no packing and no leaflet....again, not too impressed with that one either!


The downside to this one, was it only contained 4 items.  Upside is all are full sized, and theres 3 i WILL use and one i will swap/sell out, so not a total loss!

As i said, no leaflet, so straight onto the items!

Dessing Solution Lip & Eye Remover 100ml FULL SIZED (RRP $25, approx £17)
This is a double-layered Lip and Eye Remover effectively melts away stubborn make up and skin impurities.  The soothing blend of lemon grain and rose hip oils have soothing and hydrating effects, leaving it gentle enough to use around eye contours and lips.

Simply shake the bottle to mix the 2 halves and poor it onto a cotton pad.  Gently wipe away eye and lip make up.
Ingredients include diamond powder and sapphire powder.

Painting Matte Lipstick in Red Ribbon OR Peach Time FULL SIZED (RRP $23, approx £15)
(I received the Red Ribbon - which i was kinda sad about as the peach would have been prefect for me!  This has gone to a good home though!).

This is a weightless Matte Finish Lipstick that saturates your lips with colour. It glides on like silk and claims to achieve a single stroke coverage.  Hydrating and pigmented this leaves lips feeling pillowy soft and promises a flake free performance.
Apply directly to lips.  Use a concealer to mattify and tone down lips before application.

Illust Lumiere luminizing Powder 7g FULL SIZED ($32, approx £21)
This is a translucent  skin luminising finishing powder. Made with diamond and sapphire powders, this shimmering loose powder gives the light-reflecting of a luminizer and the convenience of a mattyfing powder.  This smooth, silky powder contains light-reflecting particles that create a luminous, youthful glow.

Can be used by all skin types, flattering them by buffing away imperfections and blemishes.

This is recommended to be applied to the T-Zone, chin, and apples of the cheeks.

Illust Secret Blusher (in "All About Pink") 5.5g FULL SIZED RRP $25 (approx £17)
The Smooth, velvety powder glides onto cheeks and effortlessly blends into the skin to enhance natural radiation of your skin.  The propriety oil binding system promises up to hours of fade-resistant wear.  

Suitable for all skin types.

This should be used by lightly sweeping the brush and then tap to remove any excess powder.  Apply the blush to the apples of your cheek, blending the colour along your cheekbone.

Key Ingredients include Edelweiss flower, 8 types of flower complexes.

Amazingly this box is STILL for sale and at an even cheaper price of $30 including delivery - just click HERE.

The problem i found with this box, is i had so much trouble finding the RRP's for them!  I had help to find all the RRP's (thank you Veri!!!).

So,generally speaking, the initial asking price for this was $137, which is approximately £90.  Then it was reduced to $35 for the box (approx £23), and now is on offer for $30 (approx £20).  I think the initial asking price was a bit steep - probably why the price was brought down.  So the last two figures are much better in terms of what you get for your pounds.

So even though there was only 4 items in the box, they came to a total of $105, approx £70.  After having and seeing other MEME boxes, I'm having a hard time thinking they would put such a high initial price on the box - the items don't even make it to their price....Selling technique? Perhaps.

BUT......majority of customers of MEME boxes internationally would have received the email over the weekend.

As from 10th February 2015 MEME box will no longer deliver globally, which means if you are anywhere but in USA, China or Korea, you will not be able to have the box delivered to you.  They will honour boxes that have been ordered to be delivered up to the 13th February but after that you need to be in the 3 countries above...

Ive heard that this has been done before, and then they reconsidered and restarted it.  All we can hope is that this will happen again!

The link to MEME site is in the logo above if you want to get some in before they stop shipping!!


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