Friday, 30 January 2015

What to read, what to read.....

So, if you're a regular of my blog, you know and can see i love to read.  I'm normally a paranormal kinda gal (like Southern Vampire, Mercy, Black Dagger Brotherhood), but there are times you fancy something different to read.

My next to turn to are generally chick lit - something nice and easy and not too taxing on the brain....

But then theres times you spot a book cover and wander over to it (or google it!) and find yourself having to get it...

It used to be that there was only certain stores that sold books, but recently, you can pretty much buy them anywhere - even in supermarkets such as Tesco - i was wandering around and as always found myself in the book aisle looking at the autobiography of Lynda Bellingham, and what makes it even better, is that you can get them online in supermarkets too, so no having to even leave your sofa to get the book!

I must admit, theres not many autobiographies I've read, but the ones i HAVE have been great.  The one i can mostly recommend is the "Dear Fatty" By Dawn French.  I devoured this one, as whilst she was telling her story, she kept it light hearted which was a perfect way to do it - shes an excellent writer - i have some of her fiction books on my TBR pile due to reading this book.

I remember reading the "Child Called Dave" series which was so readable despite its distressing content.

I know a lot of people now read ebooks (I'm guilty of this - never without my kindle) but i always find myself tootling with the trolley in Tesco to the book aisle looking at books i hadn't realised were out or hadn't thought of reading, be it autobiography, fiction or fact, it helps to see the book and i have to be honest i often end up buying hardback books as I'm still a sucker for paperbacks.  Sometimes you cant beat sitting with a paper book in your hand, instead of an electronic device!!

So, if you're having problems thinking what to read, always make sure to have a look while doing your shopping!  It CAN help!!

Happy Reading!

**Written post on behalf of Tesco**


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