Monday, 26 January 2015

Random Rambling #11 ....Urgh.....Another Valentines Day Comes Around....


So lets get this bit out the way..... to all you totally loved up couples i really wish you a lovely and romantic Valentines Day, i really do!

And now to the singletons point of view....

So we get Christmas out the way, and then plied with all things lovey dovey for Valentines Day.

As you may have guessed I'm a singleton....and to be honest....i keep meeting complete liars, frustratingly false and just down right I'm actually HAPPY to be single for the time least i know where i stand, what I'm doing and not explain it to anyone!!  Just me, my 2 dogs, 2 cats and a mother who's like a sister/best friend.  Men seem to mess things up somehow.....

Mind you having said that, the 7 year relationship i had that ended in 2011 (and a few miserably failed dates between then and now!)...wasn't exactly a bundle of roses, so i cant say I'm missing anything when i have no idea what I'm missing!!

Any of you girls (or guys even) been lucky enough to be part of the whole "romance" gig?  I swear it doesn't exist....I've never felt it, my friends haven't, hell, even my mother hasn't.....

I think its a media ploy - well, we all know its commercialised - all i can think of is this classic clip of The Simpsons.....

Happy Love Day from Adam Sternberg on Vimeo.

How can i think its REALLY about Love?? Why should this one day that someone thought of on a whim to show your partner you love them? Theres 364 other days of the year. USE THEM!! 
Everything is inflated to ridiculous prices and people PAY them....

Granted, maybe id be a bit narked if i didn't get anything...but maybe just an average teddy...or a take away, or even a home cooked meal, with a film...something that doesn't cost crazy money for that ONE day....

OK, so i know I'm coming across as a bitter spinster, but i don't mean to!  Even when i WAS with someone, Valentines Day never meant anything (i must know how to pick em, hey?) so i guess its only natural I've gone along with that and don't think anything of it.

Of course if its your very first Valentines together that seems to be acknowledged, with the guy still making that extra effort to impress you still (and really, lets face it - Valentines Day IS about the girl.  Shes the one that gets the flowers, chocolates, cards, etc - the guys seem to be a bit aloof as if they don't want to be seen as a wuss - they don't get it that romance is STILL something we're waiting for them to prove didn't die out with the dinosaurs!!!).
So to the girls and guys having their first V Day (sorry, esp the girls!!) Make the most of it, i don't know if it would be a yearly occurrence as time goes on...but then...hey, you could have bagged one of the rare ones that DO, to which i say KUDOS - and keep hold!!!

So.  Plans for Valentines Day for me? Right, so its a Saturday.  Handy for couples! Definitely a stay in night.  Coupla bottles of wine with mum, i think.  Lots of nibbles, and sticking something funny like Karl Pilkington on the TV!!  Because you can just guarantee all the old romantic films will be dusted off and put on the TV channels (even though most couples would probably be out and about then!!)

If like me you too are one of the many singletons - don't feel disheartened! 
We can use the V to our advantage.....

I'm gonna guess you have single friends so just get together stick two fingers up at "love", have a great weekend without any hassle or having to be on best behaviour.....burp the wine you just drank, get them shots down you and giggle!

And remember:

People always say theres someone for everyone out there.....with that, i do hope there is.  One day, ill be ready to share my life, trust again, pull down the barriers and open my heart.  But really, for now - single suits me.

I could quote things like divorce figures and really have a rant, but for now...

Whatever your "status" just have a great Valentine's weekend!


  1. Valentine's Day is completely over rated. I usually just try to put a little more effort in to what I'm cooking and buy my husband a card. I do love receiving hand made cards from my kids though :)

  2. I liked this article! You're totally write, being in a relationship just for the sake of it with the wrong person is a total waste of time :-P PS: Little advice, make your spelling better, it will get more viewers ;-)

    1. HIya Monika! Thanks for stopping by! Uhmmm can you tell me where the spelling errors are please? i generally write as as i speak, so its my way of writing i think! Just more relaxed and i get the big words right, but some are just more "me" if that makes sense!!
      (and btw, i think you meant "right" and not "write"!! :p )

  3. Haha! I have 0 plans unfortunately so definitely a night in for me too!


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