Sunday, 4 January 2015

MEMEBOX: SPECIAL #74 MakeUp Edition 3

Okies! Next MEMEBox.....(don't worry theres not many more and I've had to cut back on spending as my poor little car has had to go to the scrap heap in the sky and needs replacing :( )
Anyway, this one i was looking forward to.  I know a lot of people love their creams and face masks, but i really wanted to try their make up after buying some Skinfood Concealer on Ebay a couple of years ago.

So I'm pretty happy with this box!
This one was a total cost including postage of $29.99, approx £19.50.  Not a bad price i think!

OK, let me get on to the box!

Info Leaflet:

And on to the individual items!

Color World Double Cover Concealer 1.5g FULL SIZED (RRP $14, approx £9).
Super pleased i got the light beige in this as its a staple item in my make up!
It has a round end to cover up larger blemishes and a fine tip on the other end for the smaller.  It has "a creamy, soft touch" which applies smoothly onto skin and blends well with high coverage.

Dr. MJ Real Mucin Restore Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ 10g FULL SIZED (RRP $54, approx £35).
This claims to be different to other BB creams by being closer to a skin care formula, than just a simple BB.  Its packed with rich nutrients from snail filtrates and various moisturising agents to add more glow and radiance, even with multiple applications.  Free from paraben, mineral oil, benzophenone, talc and alcohol.

At the end of skin care routine, using the air puff to apply evenly over face, dabbing several times for optimal adherence - and can re-apply as necessary!

Shara Shara Skin Light-Up 02 Gold Beam FULL SIZED (RRP $11, approx £7).
A creamy stick type highlighter.  This adds 3D definition and radiance to any make up look.  The hologram pearl-infused glides smoothly onto skin with a moist touch but then leaves a silky, powdery finish.  There is also a blending sponge on the other end!

Apply directly to cheeks and/or T-zone as a highlight.  Blend with the sponge.

Shara Shara Tinted Style Lip Gloss CR01 Shimmering Sunset Coral 4.5g FULL SIZED (RRP $11, approx £7).
This is a sheer coral colour that can be used as both a lip gloss and tint.  It melts onto the lips to instantly replenish while creating a tinted oil barrier over the lips - meaning a long-lasting shine and gloss!

It says to only apply near the center of upper and lower lips to create natural graduation or fill in along lip contours multiple times to achieve the perfect full lip with stronger colour radiance.

Shara Shara Drawing Brush Liner 1g FULL SIZED (RRP $9, approx £6).
This is a brush type liner in natural black.  Its perfect for any look from daily natural makeup all the way to smoky make up.  The soft brush tip easily glides onto lids and create sophisticated, deeper looking eyes in just 10 seconds.

Draw along the lash lines first and then go back to fill in between the lashes for a sleeker line.

So! This is probably the first all make up box I've had, and I'm actually happy with it, and would definitely buy another version.  Everything in it I'm keeping and trying - this is the first box I've kept all of it.

I'm mostly intrigued by the BB Cream (I have this kind of....not obsession but curiosity to try and find the best one to suit me, and this sounds kinda good!).

The concealer i have already tried and its great! I had a patch of very dry skin over Christmas and this covered it totally - so no red patches!  And stayed on for pretty much all the day.

Ive been experimenting with eye liners recently, I've avoided them in the past as i always thought i looked like a panda with it on, but each time i try it i get a little better, and i love trying new brands and types!

Also the highlighter has piqued my interest.  It reminds me a little of the Benefit High Beam, but obviously in a stick, so ill definitely be trying that one!

The only one i haven't tried is the lip gloss, but although it looks quite red through the little picture on the tube, i think if applied minimally it should be OK for me.

As usual, the cost of the individual items come to more than the cost of the box.  This time they came to an RRP of $99, approx £65.  Not as generous as some other boxes, but still a good price.  I think the difference was that there was only 5 items in the box, had there been a couple more, i think it would have made it obviously, higher value!

So, yup - this one left me a happy bunny! Anyone else grab this one? Likes? Dislikes?

I cant find any codes at the moment - they're probably either holding them off till after the festive season or, i have heard a rumour they may be stopping all together which would be a shame.

If anyone has any, please let me know and ill add it in!

Until the next box (not too far away!!!), Happy Unboxing!!


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