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MEMEBOX: Boxing Day Box #2

Right.  So i am getting to the last few boxes I've bought...this one was a surprise as i must have ordered it when i was half asleep and i totally forgot about it!!  Nice surprise when i got it though!
A very full box, which was an even nicer surprise!!
However, rather than the boxes i have had in the past, where they are all full sized, these are "luxury" sample size - basically meaning that they're a decent size to try and figure out if its right for you or not, rather than the samples you receive in some beauty boxes that are a sachet....

This was a bargain box at just $18.99 delivered (approx £12.50), and even though i didn't mean to buy it I'm glad i did!

What has disappointed me is the new leaflet cards.  The one that came with the last box i wasn't the only one to think it was maybe just for the holiday season...but no.  This was not a one off.  This is what we now get.......

Which may be easier for them, but not so much for us the buyers.  The link only stays live for a certain amount of time. By the time i came to write this box up, the page no longer existed. I had to get a "cached" version of it from google, so a basic, but really that's all i need, but the older leaflets were so much easier!

Anyway....enough of the waffle!!  Lemme show you the contents of the box...!

DermaB Fresh Moisture Body Lotion 50ml (FULL SIZED 400ml RRP $19, approx £12.50)
A nourishing body lotion targeting dry and sensitive skin types. It’s infused with tea tree, peppermint, bergamot, ginger, and amber notes in a refreshing herbal blend. Its gentle formula is non-sticky and fast-absorbing.

Massage lotion after shower/bath or before you go to bed

BANILA CO. Claypatra Mineral Salt Clay Pack 12g X 2ea
Full size product: 100g ($22)
100% pure mud extracted straight from the Dead Sea (consists 32% of salt and minerals) effectively removes any excess sebum, oil, dead skin cells, and external pollutants in the pores. The mineral-rich formula also delivers deep hydration and nourishment to dry, dull skin.

Spread the clay pack evenly over clean face. Rest for 10 minutes and rinse off . Gently massage with your finger tips to exfoliate dead skin cells while rinsing.

HANSKIN Bio Origin Royal Ampoule B.B SPF30 PA++ 5ml
Full size product: 35ml ($54)
Hanskin’s Royal Ampoule BB cream is packed with rich nutrients from royal jelly extracts and it lightly glides over your skin when applied, leaving a visibly silkier, brightened complexion.

Apply a single drop evenly over clean face. Blend it in using your fingers. ONE? Wow - THIS i have to try!!

TONYMOLY BCDation All Master SPF30 PA++ 20g :Full size product: 50g ($24)
This multi-functional BCDation from Tonymoly is a makeup base, a BB cream, a CC cream, and a foundation all in one. It not only correct, blur, and balance out the skin tone but also moisturizes, lifts, and adds extra volume for a silky smooth 3D complexion.

Apply a pearl-sized amount evenly over clean face. Apply more onto T-zone and under eye areas for highlighting effect. Follow with powder application.

BANILA CO. Clean It Zero 7g X 4ea 
Full size product: 100ml ($22)
This makeup remover goes on as a sherbet-like balm and transforms into a silky oil that dissolves makeup. Its a non-greasy, gentle formula made from papaya, acerola, and herbal extracts that cleanse thoroughly without dehydrating the skin.

To use take out the formula with the spatula and gently massage into skin. Rinse off with water or wipe away with a tissue.

DR.YOUNG Pore Syok-Syok Cleansing Gel 15ml X 2ea
Full size product: 150ml ($28)
This gel-type deep cleanser penetrates deep down into pores to remove all excess oil, dirt, impurities, and sebum. A blend of morus bark, agrimonia eupatoria root extracts, and lime extracts deliver gentle yet effective sebum control and pore care. It’s oil-free, lightweight, and moisturising as well.

Really easy to use - Create a lather and gently massage onto face. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Dinoplatz Cinema City 10ml, Full size product: 30ml ($30)
Delivering nutrition and moisture to your skin for a smooth texture, this multi-functional CC cream will brighten up your complexion, protect from the sun, and take care of signs of ageing as well.

Evenly spread the CC cream all over clean, well moisturised face. Blend it in with your hands for better adherence to skin.

MISE EN SCENE Perfect Repair Treatment Pack 180ml 
Full size product: 180ml ($16)
A simple 2-step hair care – shampoo and rinse – isn’t enough as the weather becomes chillier and drier. Twice a week, use this nourishing Perfect Repair Treatment Pack to deliver deep nutrition and repair and protect damaged hair ends.

After shampoo, apply the treatment pack throughout your hair and rinse off after 2~3 minutes.

SEVEN DROPS High Protection Moringa Light Sunblock SPF50+ PA+++ 7g
Full size product: 50ml ($38)
A lightweight sunblock enriched with nourishing moringa extracts. The 100% naturally derived formula is gentle to all skin types and free of paraben, mineral oil, benzophenone, silicon, and talc. It provides high level of UV protection and the light formula absorbs easily and smoothly into skin like an essence and leaves skin with a lingering moringa scent.

Apply the sunblock evenly over clean face. Follow with foundation or BB application

RYO Anti Hair Loss Treatment 50ml
Full size product: 200ml ($12)
Infused with biota seed, coix seed, green tea and gold extracts, this hair treatment will not only prevent hair loss but also re-energise and strengthen thin, damaged hair. Its excellent cooling formula will gently soothe and nourish your scalp at the same time.

Apply generously over wet hair and massage the scalp with your fingertips. Wait for 2~3 minutes before rinsing off with warm water. Use daily.

WITCH’S POUCH Radiant Lolli Tint 03 Funky Bloom 2.5g, Full size product: 4.5g ($14)
This is a 3 in 1 must-have lip item that brings together the glossiness of lip glosses, naturally blending formula of lip tints, and the colourful radiance of lipsticks. It melts onto lips for a lasting pigmentation that instantly lights up your complexion with funky hot pink radiance.

Okay!  So this was the "surprise" box (need to make a mental note to turn phone off when i go to bed, as i can wake up half dazed and buy anything!!!!).  Its...OK.  Not sure what to do with the hair loss treatment thingie....:/

Looking forward to trying the Tonymoly BCDation cream, the Ampoule and also the Cinema City CC cream - it is the make up i tend to enjoy getting from the boxes.

The others.... I'm pretty sure i can find a home for them and replace them with something i can use!

Good news - Value box sets have returned after the festive season....I'm hoping they have more variety soon. I'm gutted i missed the Korean started kit as i would have loved to play with that!

The only thing that's different with this post is i cant give an accurate approximation of RRP's - this is due to the fact all of them bar one are luxury samples, and my math sucks and the amount of brain cells working at the moment, cant do much!

If you click through the below picture it takes you straight to the front page, and you can navigate where you want to look from there!


As usual, some codes that will be usable up to the end of January (when they release new codes) -
These will give you $3 off a $30 buy:

$5 Discount on orders above $100 using my personal code: AFFILIATE-4669-QU1NM-FGGO
$10 Discount on orders above $150 using my code: AFFILIATE-5197-EEP3K-SORC

So, hope you had a great week, MEME had special boxes this week, and i hope you grabbed something you liked - me? I missed them all, which i guess is a sign to not spend any pennies!!

Only a coupla more boxes and then, hoping to get back to my nail reviews....once ive figured out how to imitate the sun indoors!!!!

Post up soon, before that, take care, and be good to yourself and others :o)


  1. Great review, I'm sure it took a while to get together so thank you for sharing!


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