Friday, 2 January 2015

Goodbye, Hello!

OK, so not the first post of the year, that honour went to the MEMEBox, but i had to do one!

Aside from the fact yesterday marked the 2 year anniversary of me blogging, i wanted to just....i dunno, say thank you for reading my blog....putting up with rambling from me for 2 years....surviving my constant stream of polish reviews and beauty box reviews, while trying to keep it at least a little interesting!!

So? How was it? 2014 i mean?  You sad to see it go, or relieved that its gone and can "start afresh"?

Me?  It was a hard year.  When it began, i lived on my own in Northern Ireland, with 2 dogs and 3 cats.  I had no one over there.  No friends (I'm way too shy!), and no family.  I just have my mum who is here on the mainland.
We spent nights skyping to keep in touch.  And that was pretty much it.

In March i broke my ankle.  Boy did this hit home that i was ON MY OWN.  I couldn't do anything - an ambulance had to take me to the hospital and they arranged for a taxi back for me.  Even walking to the front door was a nightmare.....but i was sure i could do it......

....of course i couldn't!  My mum was on a flight the next day over to me.  She, me and the 2 dogs piled into the car and she drove us to her home.  Where i stayed till June.  Going back to NI was a shock. The house was cold and empty and just didn't feel right....the cats wouldn't talk to me, as id been away so long!

And a week after that, the brainwave we had of taking a holiday BEFORE i move me and the zoo across to the mainland happened.  Two weeks in beautiful Cuba.......

Oh how blonde were we.....we SO should have done the holiday AFTER killed my mother, i was neither use nor ornament due to my M.E and it was 4 weeks of total nightmare....And its still not over as the landlord is refusing to give me my deposit back on stupid little things......but that's to be dealt with later...

So i moved back home to the mainland in August for hasn't stopped there.  But i wont bore you with details.

I had to say goodbye to my 14 year old cat, Maggie in November, who decided she wanted to fall asleep forever in our back garden.  In a way, I'm glad she did.  I'm glad she didn't have to be prodded, injected, in a strange place....she was poorly for literally 2 days....and then went under the decking and went to sleep.  I sat on the stairs talking to her, knowing shed already gone.  That broke my heart.

My mum and i are like sisters, and despite living together (I'm a total messy pup and shes a neat freak - not a good combination!!), we're closer than ever. We sit, giggle, chat, bitch, howl laughing....and sometimes just sit huddled up together.  Its nice to have my mum back after about 14 years of not seeing her.  My life is starting to get back on track.

There are 2 specific people i need to send so much hugs and love to for their help and their support constantly, during the bad, the good and the down right ugly.  One of course is my mum - everyone needs a good mum, and im glad ive had a second chance with her.  The other is Cathy, my friend who has been my rock for years and years and i couldn't imagine not having her by my side.  Shes seen me at my worst, my lowest point and helped me, talked to me, made me feel i wasn't alone...and is still by my side even though im now on the mainland.  Thank you ladies for everything.

And so we get to this point....


Where are the years going?  I'm 35....jeez...i blinked and 20 years had gone....i still remember leaving school...getting GCSE short term memory is a little shot, but hey, cant have everything!!

So. Resolutions.  I'm not sure theres much point in writing these...they wouldn't be big ones (you know the diet, lose that little bit of a love handle, exercise more, stop smoking, stop drinking etc).....just little a little more faith in myself.....a little more not always think its me that's not think I'm this awful hideous thing that should be sat next to the Hunch Back of Notre Dame as its! Ya know?

But most of all.  I hope my family and my friends (be it real life or online) health, happiness, love and just contentment.  If you have that.......what more can someone need to feel fulfilled? - not talking about the everyday hand to mouth living kind of thing of struggling through life to pay the bills - that's always gonna be there for the vast majority.  I guess i mean in yourself.

So. A new year, new start to the blog!  I had serious loss of mojo last year, and i desperately want that back, so I'm on a personal crusade at the moment to figure out how to get a good shot of a holographic nail polish without the sun....yeah....not easy being in the UK!!!

And ill be doing a giveaway to celebrate the New Year and my 2 year anniversary.  As my blog is mostly beauty and books, it will be a prize of each, so keep watch :)

Thanks again for reading my waffles - and i know i waffle, need to curb that thing!!!
I hope you had a great NYE and i wish you all a better 2015 than you hope.

Speak soon, take good care and remember to think of others before you open your mouth.  Facebook may be a great social site, but do not mistake it for making very many long term valuable friends.  Ive made that mistake once too many, and I'm not doing it again, so be careful and trust your instincts - they're very rarely wrong!  

Onwards and Upwards everyone!!!


  1. brought a tear to my eye reading about you and your mums relationship! My mum is my best friend too, couldnt live without her!

    sorry for the loss of your cat :(

    Hope 2015 is good to you ands you get your mojo back, i thoroughly enjoy reading your blog

    ps i've only been on blogger for 2 months and somehow your blog was one of the first i followed and flicked through! xxx

    1. oh my gosh! Hi Cat, such a nice post, thank you so much!! Im kinda honoured to be among the first blogs youve come across - there are so many out there!! Have popped over to yours and its looking really good! Im looking forward to seeing it grow! Have followed in as many ways as i can - but instagram wouldnt work!
      Good luck, if i can ever help (but believe me, im not as well versed in techy stuff as i should be!) but id be glad to try and help!

      Wishing you a fab 2015 <3 xxxx

  2. Aw you have had a right old year of it! I hope 2015 is a good one x


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