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MEMEBOX Global #17

I did warn you all i had a ton of boxes to show you!!! This is the next one.

Strangely enough, this one, "The Global #17" is still available to buy (at time of writing) so if you want to buy yourself one you can grab it by clicking HERE and go into "our Boxes" and it should be there!
This one cost $29.99 delivered, approx £19.

The all important English Information leaflet!

And the items themselves.......

Palan Crysence Home Care Pouch Set (Marin Shampoo 4ea & Power Treatment 4ea) 80ml.  FULL SIZED is 1000ml and costs a whopping $186 (approx £118).  For these 8 sachets it would cost $18.66, approx £15.
This is classed as a deluxe sample of Palan's "famous protein shampoo & treatment" apparently used by many stylists in Korea.  This set nourishes the hair, clarifies and rejuvenates a sensitive scalp - and this after ONE use. Made with 100% natural minerals, hydrolyzed protein, keratin, jojoba oil, salicomia herbacea, tee tree, meadowfoam seed oil and citric acid.

Basically use as any other normal shampoo and conditioner!

Climax Water Pool Cleanser 150ml (FULL SIZED RRP $34, approx £21)
This name is weird!! What is it!!?
OK, so this is highly elastic, sticky textured water pool cleanser enriched with soda water and over 22 naturally derived components. The mucin like gel consistency melts onto skin, extracting and dissolving dirt, oil, make up residues on the surface.

Simple cleanser - wet face and gently massage until cleanser get thick and then rinse off with warm water!
(Not as kinky as the name makes out, huh!!!)

Dr.MJ Real Mucin Restore Suncream SPF45 PA+++ 50g (FULL SIZED RRP $41, approx £26)
This is a mild suncream from Dr.MJ that can help with UV rays whatever the season, sun or not.  It hydrates, protects and balances out the skin tone, smoothly coating a thin layer of nourishing snail secretion formula.

Simply apply thinly over clean face!

Cheek Room Lip Palette (FULL SIZED RRP $24, approx £15).
Randomly sent out either 01 or 02. i got 02, which i think for me is the better of the two, but I'm not a huge fan of palettes - prefer it in a simple gloss or stick!
Apparently the 2 colour Lips these sparkle with luminosity and radiance while the 2 shiny lipstick gleam with fine pearls and silky essence and the lip balm smoothly melts onto lips for a lasting moisture boost.

Use as any other lip palette - with the little brush included!

Shara Shara Pink Piggy Collagen Cream 50ml (FULL SIZED RRP $22, approx £14)
A skin firming and nourishing cream containing of collagen to enhance the skin elasticity and resilience.  Naturally derived formula of collagen, hyaluronic acid and argon oil helps moisturise, rejuvenate and treat fine lines and wrinkles.

Apply directly to clean face and then pat in for full absorbance!

Shara Shara Bee Tox Spot Cream 15ml (FULL SIZED RRP $18, approx £11)
Claims to be a perfect spot cream for acne-prone skin types.  This Bee Tox Spot Cream is formulated with bee venom extracts to help control excessive sebum secretion and 6 kinds of herbal extracts to mitigate troubled spots and blemishes for achieving clearer, more well balanced skin.

Apply in small quantities to troubled spots!

OK.  Global boxes are a regular feature, but this is my first one....I'm in two minds.  There's an item that i think i would have liked but not my colour.  The sun cream - although I'm fully aware of SPF and UV protection isn't really suited to me.  
The pool cleanser...just the name made me laugh!  But I do realise that Korean skin care and make up is pretty different to the ones UKers are used to, but not in a bad way!

I'm looking forward to trying the hair products - although if i fall in love with them, i doubt id be able to afford the full sized!

I'm already using the spot cream, due to a really surprising outbreak, which has now turned it into dry skin, but it WORKED, so super happy with that one!
The piggy pink cream...the consistency is a little weird - reminds me of blancmange!  But having said that, its very soothing and absorbs quickly leaving soft skin after!

Taking all that into account, i think i like this box, but not enough to risk a buy of the next one.  I may see if someone has spoilers and if i like what i see, HOPE that there's still some available!!

As always - price comparison.  The total of the individual items in the box comes to $158, so approx £101.  These boxes contain items that are so much more in content, low initial cost, great RRP's, 90% Full Sized Items.  Alot of other beauty boxes would do well to take a leaf out of their book!
What IS great is that theres groups on Facebook - with lots of members where you can swap your MEME items - so in a roundabout way, you do get what you wanted!!

Anyway, as always, discounts aplenty for you this December.
Go through the picture below to use my referral link.  This automatically gives you $5 off a $100 spend or $10 a $150 spend....

There are also codes that will give you a $5 off a $30 spend. PLEASE NOTE only one code can be used at a time, and (i believe) you can only use 2 of the codes in a month (but someone correct me if this is incorrect!!)
The codes available are:

Other codes that can be used are:
Get $5 off orders on buying 3 or more boxes: MEMEBUNDLE3
Get $8 off orders on buying 4 or more boxes: MEMEBUNDLE4

Another few boxes to come, so be sure to come have a peek, see what else is open to you!!

As always, lemme know what you think of the boxes - any favourite of the MEME ones that you think i should try and go for, or any to avoid? Id be grateful for tips!!!

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