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MEMEBOX: Collaboration #9 Soothing Sista

OMG....i have had a complete avalanche of MEME Boxes come through in the last week and I've got 2 more to come!! Trying to write them up as quick as i can!

You order them a couple of months earlier but i forget about them, so its a nice almost surprise, but they've all arrived within days!!!

I thought id do the SoothingSista Collaboration box today, as this was one of the special one-off boxes they do with certain beauty or fashion people and they fly out - i uhmed and ahhed over this one, it was the middle of the night, and i decided to buy it.  Woke up the next morning, and they were sold out, so kinda glad i did!!

The cost for this was $29.99 (approx £19).  All full sized items, and a good little mix, have a look (and you'll probably see why it sold out so quick too!!)

As always, the all important leaflet in English!

And the items themselves.....

Vicioni Super Aqua Soothing Serum 30ml (RRP $29, approx £18.50)
No carbomer, no silicon, no artificial ingredients and no chemical preservatives AT ALL. This may make the serum odd to smell compared to others and not as quick to absorb, however, this is because Vicioni take great care to select only skin beneficial, non chemical ingredients for its 100% natural formula.  It DOES contain high concentrates of caulerpa racemosa (rich in sea minerals, vitamins and nutrients), rice bran, hyaluronic acid, mushroom ferments, aloe vera etc.  The ocean energy will deeply replenish, brighten up and smoothen dry, dulled complexion.

This needs to be applied just before the moisturising process.

Tonymoly Egg Pore Blackhead Steam Balm 30g (RRP $11, approx £7)
A self heating that opens up clogged pores by warming the skin with its blend of sulfur hot spring water and heating agent the more you massage it into.  Then 3 kind of scrubs - white salt, charcoal powders and egg yolk work to thoroughly remove all blackheads, whiteheads and dead skin cells. Rich in calcium, various minerals, acetic acid, amino acid and vitamins. It delivers deep nourishment, control excess sebum and prevent dehydration.

This needs to be applied over the nose area, gently massage for 3-5 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water when the translucent oil balm turns opaque.  This sounds interesting!  For the first time in about 15 years i need something like this!!

Shara Shara Miracle Capsule Cream 50ml (RRP $18, approx £11)
This is an anti wrinkle moisturiser enriched with glacier water and nourishing capsules containing 24 kinds of oil complex.  Deliver instant moisture surge and supple firmness.  It will take care of dry patches and protect from external damages.

Use as a normal moisturiser!

Etude House Goodbye Pore Ever Primer Essence 20ml FULL SIZED (RRP $11, approx £7)
This is meant to quickly minimise the appearance of pores and help make up adhere for a longer lasting finish.  It is sliky and lightweight and be worn under make up to fill in uneven skin texture and visible pores, creating a smooth canvas and mattifying excess oil and shine. It contains both sebum control powder and moisturising essence maintain a healthy balance.

This is to be applied to areas of the face that require it and is best patted in for full absorbency before any make up is applied.

Dewytree Deep Detox Black Mask Tea x1 (RRP $3, approx £1.90).  Just looking on the packaging this looks freaky - so something to be done when alone i think!!
This is to clarify skin pores and rejuvenate dull skin.  It contains volcanic scoria clay from Jeju Island containing rare minerals, also has charcoal powder, papaya extracts, grapefruit extracts, walnut shell powder and centella asiatica extracts to detoxify and revitalise the skin.

Skin must be clean. Place on face and relax for 15-20mins.  This one doesn't need to rinse - just massage any remaining product into your face!

Vivito Painting Matte Finish Lip Stick FULL SIZED (RRP $30, approx £19).
yay! a make up item! Booo - so not my colour!! There were 5 colours randomly sent out. I got RED SUN, but i would have loved the not so bright RED RIBBON.
This is a 3-effect matte lipstick that smoothly glides on with a creamy texture, stains lips with a highly pigmented, radiant colour in just a single swipe. Leaves lips velvety soft and smooth and super matte without being dry or flaky.

Revecen Blooming Collagentox Sleeping Water Pack 90ml FULL SIZED (RRP $18, approx £12)
A nourishing sleeping facial pack with snail mucus extracts, bird nest extracts, aloe vera leaf extracts, orange zests, Japanese prickly ash berries, pasque flower extracts, unsea extracts and cypress water (phew!).  Yellow vitamin capsules will absorb deep into skin to replenish, firm up and balance out uneven skin tone.

This is to be spread evenly over the face, gently massaged into skin until the yellow capsules are fully absorbed.  Rinse off the next morning!

OK. Not a bad box if I'm honest.  Kinda gutted about the Vivito lippy- so if anyone would like to swap my RED SUN for the RED RIBBONS - please please let me know as id love to try this lipstick!!
The Pore Ever kinda reminds me of the popular Benefits Porefessional....could this be an alternative? A testing and comparison might have to be done here!
The mask - omg, that is scary to look at - i am NO WAY wearing that with anyone around.  I'm not gonna say what it looks like cos we're all adults (i assume!) so you know what it pretty much resembles! But hey, if it does as well as it says, I'm willing to try it!!

The Tonymoly Egg has me intrigued.  I don't often get a break out but recently the little beggars have come back a little, so this is definitely on my try list!

I know there's been other collaboration boxes which i haven't purchased, so if you did, how does this compare to the Soothing sista box? Did you get this, and how do you think it is? Be interested to know!

The total cost of the individual items always outweighs the initial cost of the box.  It just varies depending on which box. This one was $29.99 (approx £19) and the combined total of the items is $114 (approx £73).

As always, codes a plenty to try and save you some pennies if you decide to buy.
Going through the below picture will be using my referral link, which automatically gives you $5 off a $100 buy or $10 off a $150 buy.  Below that are some codes if you buy less!

There are 2 codes valid for the month of December which will take $5 off a $30 or more purchase.  Can only use ONE code at a time and only a one time use only (i believe!)
(working at time of writing!)
Also, if you prefer not to use my referral link there are these two offers:
Get $5 on orders of buying 3 or more MEMEBOXES: MEMEBUNDLE3
Get $8 on orders of buying 4 or more MEMEBOXES: MEMEBUNDLE4

Another unboxing is on its way....!!! Until then, happy days people!


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