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Latest In Beauty: The Dream Box II

I know, i know, another Beauty Box...and even more staggering - a BRITISH one!  I go months without and then I'm bombarded with them! (by choice of course!)

My feelings on British boxes are pretty negative, but there are a few i do like. Latest In Beauty is one of them, and when they collaborate with the "British Beauty Blogger" - the boxes fly out - this time in fact you were told to leave your email and they would contact you when they get to you on the list and they have one available....i must have registered early as i got one! This is the Dream Box II (review of the Dream Box I is HERE).

A few differences between this box and the ones I've been opening from MEME boxes.  There are sample sizes in this box, and a fixed price of £21.95 inc delivery was the cost.  However, before you bought the box you were shown what was in it, which helped people make their minds up either way.

So, i guess, this is the Dream Box II opening on the blog!

The leaflet that came with it, as well as informing you of what each item is and does, comes packed with money off offers from some of the brands that were included in the box.

OK, onto the items......

Nude Skincare ProGenius Treatment Oil 10ml (sample sized) Full Size 30ml RRP: £58

This product is meant to be used at night and is a "lush, omega packed oil that softens your complex overnight.  Its got redness reducing properties, so perfect for cold weather skin"

The Body Shop Beautifying Oil 100ml (Cocoa Butter) Full Size RRP £9.00

There were 9 scents that could have been in a box. I got the cocoa butter.
Made with a lightweight blend of nuts and oils including Community Fair Trade marula, it gives instant hydration and a shimmering finish.  A little goes a long way apparently, for face, body and hair and leaves a sweet cocoa scent.

Essie Mini Nail Polish 5ml in Toggle To The Top (Full Size 15ml RRP £8.95)

Jane included a smaller one this time as she "rarely finishes,if ever, a nail polish" - which is pretty true for most people!
There were three different shades - Shearling Darling, Parka Perfect and (the one im so glad i got) Toggle To The Top.

I love Essie polishes, so very happy with this one!!

Le Couvert Des Mihimes Gardener's and Hand Healer 25ml (this is FULL SIZED and RRP's £4.75)

I LOVE hand creams- cant have enough! Never tried this one, but it smells lovely and you don't need much for it to go pretty far.  This brand is new to the UK so you may not have seen it before.  It has 20% Shea Butter and seven healing plant extracts.

Mio Double Buff Dual Action Enzyme Exfoliator 50ml (Full Sized 150ml RRP £23)

Described as "the best body exfoliator" Jane has ever used, leaving your body incredibly silky and soft afterwards.
Jane applies it to dry skin, leave for a couple of minutes and then shower off!

Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream 15g (Full Size RRP £5.99)

Another hand and nail item which i  can never have enough of!
Burt's Bees is a hugely known brand, and this nourishes the nails, cuticles and the areas around it aided by lemon oil and sweet almond.

This just needs to be rubbed around the nail area and it wont harm the nail if it goes on to it either!

Great product!

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light Cream 15ml (trial size, Full Sized 50ml £16.00)

This gel-creme formula is a winter wonder to infuse lasting moisture into dry and tight feeling skin.  Its good for normal to combination skin, is very light on the skin and contains hyaluronic acid.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protection Stick SPF15 3.7g (FULL SIZED £17.00)

Elizabeth Arden is a beauty legend of its own - and now in a stick! Perfect to pop in pockets and handy for wintery days.  It prevents chapping, offers UV protection and gives the lips a good whack of moisture to leave lips soft, subtle and lipstick ready!

Very pleased with this too - i suffer dreadfully with chapped lips in the winter!

Bourjois Delise de Poudre Bronzing Duo (FULL SIZED RRP £7.99)

Apparently Bourjois' top selling product! Perfect for giving your skin a touch of colour, and if you're a novice - apparently this is the perfect place to start!
I normally steer clear of bronzers as I'm very pale - but ill give this a go...nothing to lose,right!

Sleek MakeUp mini Pout Polish 4.5g (full size 10g RRP £4.99)

Two colours sent out - either The Show (pink gleam)  or The AfterParty (hot pink).  Apparently this mini size is extremely hard to get hold of via retail, so extra special!!

Eylure Brow Crayon in mild brown 0.23g) (FULL SIZED RRP £6.45)

Apparently long lasting, blendable and easy to use - a foolproof brow grooming wonder!
I do use this and the colour is perfect, so yup another pleased product!

Ciate London Lashlights (FULL SIZED £14)

6 varieties were randomly sent, and sadly i got pink! I'm a tad too old for pink so if anyone has the darker colours and able to swap, lemme know!
Anyway, these are designed to be used on the tips of your lashes for a colour flash.  Very pigment rich so they work well.

If i find a colour for me, ill let you know!

Agent Provocateur FATALE (sample 2ml, Full Sized 30ml £35.50)

One of my pet hates in beauty boxes are these.  So I'm glad the rest of the box is better! This has a mixture of floral and oriental fragrances, the secret is the "skin musk" note - base line - apparently it makes your skin smell sexy.

I love the original EDP of this brand, but not overly sure about this one....

Invisibobble The Traceless Hair Ring (x3 FULL SIZED RRP £3.75)

I was a little sceptical at these and did laugh - but OMG, they work!!  A very simple ring of little twists that leave NO tell tale bobble lines in the morning.
Yeah they're neon yellow but great for keeping hair out the way in bed and you don't have to use them during the day!


Keratase Bain Satin 1 Shampoo 30ml (FULL SIZED 250ml £13.60)
Keratase Lait Vital Conditioner 20ml (FULL SIZED 200ml £16.00)

One of Jane's favourite brand of shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo contains glucose, proteins and lipids to make your hair feel soft and sleek.
The conditioner leaves it feeling silky and light - and the longer you leave it in before rinsing the softer it will be!

Lola make up by Perse Lipstick 4g (FULL SIZED RRP £12)

Two colours randomly sent - either Sunset Red (a glamour red that's perfect for statement lips) and Strawberry Fields ( an enlivening pink for a fresh and brightened look).
I got the first, but with my pale skin, it wont suit, so i haven't tried it.  Again, if anyone has the other and wants to swap, id love to as this looks a lovely lippie!

Ardell Lashes Natural Style Demi Wispies (FULL SIZED RRP £5.49)

Oops! I nearly missed these off! Only because i never use false lashes.
Apparently though, these give a very natural look, can be worn daily over your own lashes, or over lash extension.

If you're a lash newbie - this is apparently the ones to try!

So, as Beauty boxes go - especially British ones, what do you think? I was in 2 minds at first.  But even though there are items that are not really my colour, and things i could have done without, i will use a good few of them, and they more than make up for the price of the box!

However, i will say that if anyone DID get this box and are looking to swap colours of the Lola lipstick, Sleek lip tint and the Ciate Lightlashes, let me know!!!

Another Fab MeMe box is on its way soon.....
Happy unboxing until then!!!


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