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NEW POLISH ON THE BLOG: Squishy Face Polish

Squishy Face Polishes is lovingly owned and made by Alice who first opened the online store in  April/May 2013.  What stunned me was that Alice seems to be a natural at mixing - having only started just 2 months before in March.  Wow. To have that talent and for it to be realised is awe inspiring!

The first polish that was ever sold was called "Watermelon Sundae" which is no longer available, however it did make a welcome return to celebrate her 1 year anniversary in June 2014.

Alice is a busy bee - she works two day jobs and is mostly working alone on Squishy Face Polishes, with kind offers of help from friends and family that she can take up, if she needed.

The name came from an Instagram hashtag "squishyfacecrew" which refers to all lovers of bulldogs, and Alice LOVES her bulldogs, so it was natural to her to claim a similar name for her polish, and also (for no reason i can make out!!) her nickname was "Squishy" when she was growing up - so two meanings! (makes more sense the name now, doesn't it!  It is a bit bizarre at first, but i know where shes coming from now!!).

So, the polishes themselves....
Extremely easy to use, the brush is a perfect size to cover the nail and get into corners without going over the nail.  Good consistency and opaqueness, leaving each polish only needing 2 coats for total coverage.
Base and Top coat used were Eye Candy Gel Wraparound System, which leaves a fantastic gloss on the polish.

Check these lovelies out!

First up is "Chocolate Wasted". I'm not usually a fan of browns or tans, but this one called me for some reason....

I think this would be a great colour to use with stamping.  Its got a slight holo even indoors, and when the sun hits it, it is just a lovely polish!  Great for Autumn and subtle enough to wear on work days, and easy enough to jazz up for nights out!

 A lovely light pink, this is "Dusty Rose".  It doesn't show the holo element as much as others, but the pink colour is lovely....

A different Holo running through this pink than the Chocolate Wasted above, but still very eye catching.

Onto a gorgeous cornflower blue that has an amazing holo is scattered right through it, even without the sun.  This beauty is "Love In The Mist"......

Indoors this is a lovely blue, and i do like my blues, but show it to the sun and WOW! this becomes an almost too bright blue that cannot be missed!  A great splash of colour to the winter days ahead!

A non holo! "Metamorphosis".  This lovely soft pink is more of a glossy shimmer.....

This is a delicate pink with a shimmering blue running through it when the light catches it right.  There are minute pieces of glitter that just accentuate the delicateness of this - very girly, very sweet, and great indoors AND outdoors.

I love any Limited Editions, they always feel that little bit special, so had to have a go at " My Type of Party"......

This is a cream based polish with a hint of pink that shows up much more in the sun.  Full of oodles of tiny pieces of glitter and a scattering of slightly bigger ones, to add to the look, this is a great versatile polish, but for me best during a daytime - at work or just out and about!

Next is a pale pink cream polish,"No Sink", that holds a tiny shimmer and is accentuated with occasional white glitters.....

Another non holo! But yep, another pink!!  Kinda similar to Metamorphosis - but its just pink that shimmers. Nice occasional piece of white large-ish glitter, but unless you get it on the last coat, they will be, obviously, hidden by polish going on top and can give a lumpy finish, so try to fish some out for the end!

Onto one of my favourites of the bunch, "Plumeria". Yup, another pink - although more of a deeper one, and yup, another holo!

A nice, warm pink for the now cold nights!! But when the sun DOES hit it - look at those colours shooting through it!  This is perfect if you don't want a girly pink or a deep purple but still want the splash of colour.

Got to admit to loving this one too! Pretty much a perfect pink holo, "Raspberry Champagne" is staying close in my collection!!...

Even indoors - this is beautiful.  You can just about catch the holo, but for me, the colour is just gorgeous as it is - the holo running through it that takes it to the next level when the light hits it? An added bonus!

HAD to have this one!  Having come back from beautiful Cuba earlier in the year, i had many of these drinks!  "Strawberry Daiquiri" is a bright, fuschia pink.......

Definitely a summer colour or one to wear when you want to brighten up a day.  A Crelly consistency that applies so smoothly.  There are gold hexagons of glitter that are readily available so no fishing really required!  What i liked about this one, is due to the sheerness of the polish, the pieces of gold are still seen when the top coat is put over it!

Whaddya think? A good brand to put alongside the other great Indies out there?   Squishy Face Polish seems to be a lot quieter than the big indie brands out there, but i think it makes it more unique, less commercialised and just a lovely little brand that makes polishes just as well as the highly marketed ones - you just need to catch them!

Anyone else tried Squishy Face Polish? What were your thoughts? I'm sure I've missed a ton of previous colours, so if you'd like to show me them, please do leave your link in the comments, id love to see them!

Happy Polishing all!

Ways to find Squishy Face Polish:

Online Store:

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  1. These colours look very lovely. I am a huge metallic nail varnish fan x

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