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OK, so it might not be a totally new polish, but its new to ME, and my blog so it gets the new polish treatment!!

Ellagee opened its shop doors in March 2013, so in the world of Indies that are so fast moving and changing....its an established brand!
But Laura has actually been mixing polishes since the 1980's using the mainstream brands.  She said it It used to frustrate her that all I could buy was shades of red, pink, and nude so she tried all sorts of things (that didn't work) to make purples and blues and greens. 
As her collection grew so did the amount of mixing them together did and learnt a lot about what works and what doesn't. 

Before opening the shop, Laura bought her first very tiny order of base and pigment and glitters in 2012 to make a few polishes for herself and quickly became addicted. She started with glitters in a clear base and once she discovered she could make holos Laura knew she'd found what she wanted to do.

When i asked what was the first polish she sold was, she replied that the shop opened "....with a collection of tinted jelly glitters inspired by Texas Wildflowers and one holo polish called Party Like It's 1999. I've since retired the collection but 1999 is still in my shop".  And from there grew sooo many pretties!

Its a strange brand name "ELLAGEE", so i had to ask where that came from, and after she told me, it sounded so easy and brilliant!  Laura brainstormed for a long time to try and find the right name she was happy with.  Finally, a light bulb went off in her head she knew she'd found her name.  It's simply Laura's initials LLG - made into a word.  Very unique and wish my initials were as usable as these!

So! Onto the polishes themselves.  These are extremely unique, made in small batches and handcrafted, and one in particular had my jaw dropping and so excited about - i had NEVER seen a polish like this - EVER!  Very easy to apply, the brush leaves long thick strokes, but isn't too wide, so going over your nail is a rarity.  
Two coats made each polish opaque and beautiful!
For each polish i used Eye Candy Gel Wrap System - both base and top coats.

Ladies (and maybe gents!) let me introduce you to the beautiful selection of Ellagee i decided upon trying!

This is "Grand and Miraculous Spaceship".  Its a blurple kinda colour, leaning more towards a delicious dark turquoise.  It has a scattering of minute silver glitter pieces that when caught in the light, remind you of a night sky - very pretty!

Not a huge difference between indoors and outdoors - just brings out the chrome side of it when the sun hits it.  A great polish!

Okay, next i just HAD to get!!  In 2013 i marked a mission off my bucket list by swimming with dolphins.  When i saw the next two polishes - it was inevitable they were coming to me!

So the first one is called "Purples & Dolphins & Rainbows, OH MY!".  The base is a purple holo jelly kinda base - then mixed with oodles of gorgeous silver dolphin shapes that sparkled so bright! There wasn't much digging around for them either, which is an added bonus - plenty in the bottle.  And then add on some gorgeous holo glitters, and this is the result....LOVE IT!!

Indoors, the purple is much deeper and the glitters are more noticeable.  However introduce it to the sun, and the holo in the polish bursts to life, and the sun bounces off the silver dolphins almost giving them a life of their own.
if you think this is pretty, check this one out...........

This is the darker version called "So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish" but still so pretty!! Blacks don't have to be dark and moody or goth like.  This is a perfect example of that!

I actually love the indoor shots of this one - the black looks totally shiny and glossy, the dolphins stand out against the black amazingly and theres a scattering of glitter to bring the black a lift.
However, the outdoors one - the sparkle on those dolphins again, always has me with a smile on my face! The glitter is more pronounced and the black isn't as glossy but all the elements are pulled together instead of being seen as separate parts.  Yeah, i love this one too!! Going NOWHERE!!!

A great blue holo here called "Like a Sleepy Blue Ocean" - in fact the only pure holo in the group which is unusual for me!! More of a turquoise than a blue, which with light changes in the depth of the colour.

As with most holos, it cannot help but come out to play when the sun shines on it!  Its a lovely colour indoors, don't get me wrong, but outdoors - the holo colours seem to dance within the blue polish.  Beautiful.  Definitely one for Summer Days!

OK, THIS one - this was the one that made my jaw drop. I have NEVER NEVER seen or tried a polish like this, and i absolutely LOVE it!
The name says it all "Boom!".....

.......What can i say!?? Seriously? I don't think theres any words to describe how gorgeous and sparkly and pretty this polish is!! (a sod to get off nails, but glitters are though!).  There is also a gold version of this called "Blacks Hill Gold". They're both actually texture polish, but if you put a smooth top coat on it turns glossy instead!  I think this looks great indoors and outdoors, and it was so so hard to capture the polish in its beauty...
Kirby over at The Mercurial Magpie did a small video that you can see the changes as the polish is caught at different angles.  She kindly allowed me to use her link, so i'd strongly advise having a look!! Its on Instagram so just click HERE to view and thank you Kirby for letting me use it!

I DO have 2 other Ellagee's that i want to share with you. Its a duo that was specially released for fibromyalgia awareness, so as its close to my heart it will be done on its own thread. but you can find the duo (collaborating with Digital Nails) HERE.

So was i right or not? I think this is a brand that will become a firm favourite with me - looking even through her new additions I'm itching to buy some, but I'm meant to be on a no buy (yeah, all us nail polish addicts know how well THEY go!!).

Have you tried Ellagees? What do you think and is there one i MUST have in my collection?

Thanks for looking and happy polishing!!

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