Thursday, 18 September 2014

Random Ramblings #9 : Lost Mojo.........

As a published writer (which I'm not, just this little blog here)...i guess the correct term would be "writers block".....But its not just that that's affecting me at the moment...

But i have utterly and totally LOST my MOJO - and not just in writing....I'm talking a full blown mind and body lost mojo...
I cant think what to write in a blog post....

I cant even get my mojo to paint my nails with the gorgeous brands and colours that I'm literally dying to show you...

I cant write up a review for a book - all the books I've read, I've loved and again want to share, but no words are coming out!....

I cant READ!!...
This is bugging me the most...i read at night to relax before sleep (or if the book is good, i carry on reading till its done!) but my head isn't taking any of it in!!


And then theres the physical...although i could attribute this to my M.E (or depression, take your pick really!)..
I'm having a nightmare of a time getting body literally does not want to move...
When I've got up, I'm weak and shaky all over.... 
I keep getting these friggin headaches again.....
I don't want to go out anywhere...

Its almost like I've hit a wall and need to try and get over it, ya know?

And my blog...something i adore to do and write and share great ideas and products....has been pushed to the side.

In March this year i broke my ankle.  Leaving my home in NI to come to my mums on the mainland while the cast was on.  It took 8 weeks and straight after that, we went on a holiday - only we didn't think it through right!  We thought if we went before i move house, we'll be refreshed and relaxed. WRONG!!!  We sooooo should have done it the other way round. 

So we moved me, 2 cats and 3 dogs from NI on the ferry to Cheshire and I'm STILL not settled in.

We're both still wiped from the move at the end of July.  I had 4 weeks to clear the house from top to bottom, and it nearly killed us - my mum especially who did most of the work.  We invited the landlord round as you're supposed to do, for him to tell us what needs to be done etc, and he declined.  NOW he's being a complete git and bringing up things that were a)already like it was, b) charging for things that the council will do him for free and c) way over estimating the costs.  SO - we're in the middle of fighting him...

I'm trying to settle...great news is my 2 dogs and 3 cats settled day 1...which I'm thrilled about it.
Problem is - me with M.E and being a messy pup...and theres mum who's got a collapsing spine and a neat freak...we're both feeling bad about what we have or haven't done and its driving us both insane.

Then my blog- i had every intention on getting back to it as soon as id moved....
I don't know what it is - i have a list of posts i need to get written up, and i have totally lost my mojo and what normally feels like a joy to write is now feeling a heavy weight on my shoulders on - almost a chore....and when it gets to that place.....I need to step back.  I need to have a break, and come back to it feeling fresher and eager again.

I'm sad i feel like this about my blog as i love writing it.  

But until it feels good to write it again, I'm going to have to have minimal time on here :(  And it sucks.

To all the brands/companies who have asked me to review, please DO NOT WORRY, they WILL be done.  Chances are photos have already been done, and the post just needs to be written, but i need my head in the right place, so apologies for the delay.

Ill still be participating in blog tours to promote books and authors that may not get much publicity, but reviews are gonna be taking a back seat while my health, my mums health and I'm settled and my brain kicks back into gear.

if you're a blogger, i know at some point you must have had this feeling.  Any tips and advice how to get through it on the other side would be gratefully received!!

Ill write soon! Take care everyone!


  1. I've not been blogging long enough to find myself in your situation, but I can completely understand how you feel. I've been depressed for a while last year and I didn't feel like doing anything. Just stay strong and try do what make you feel better and, believe me, everything will eventually be fine again! :-)

  2. Aw it's hard when you lose your mojo maybe take some time away from blogging and enjoy just being you, or try looking online for inspiration pinterest is great for this.


  3. So sad to hear that you lost your mojo :( Hope you will find it soon! xo's

    Pink Frenzy

  4. I'm sorry you are having such a tricky time at the moment, it does sound like you've had a lot on - hope things pick up soon! x

  5. I think you need to stop putting pressure on yourself to blog and ease your way back into it x

  6. aaaww sending you hugs! There are days when I feel the same, my whole body aches & I don't wanna do a thing :( Hope you feel better soon. :)

  7. Take time for yourself sweetie :)
    And someday everything will be fine!!

  8. I think we all lose our mojo every now and then, stepping back and taking some time out can help massively x

  9. Sorry to hear you're having a tough time Claire, take all the time you need - your health and family have to come first, everything else can wait!! <3

    Jess xo

  10. Sorry to hear you've lost your mojo. You've had such a crazy year, maybe a little you time with the dogs, cat, your mum and a cuppa will help it come back. Just don't put any pressure on yourself. Hugs x


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