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TRIAL & REVIEW: Burns Dog & Cat Food

Yep, you read right!!

I know my blog is around my passion for nails, but my dogs and my cats are my babies, and as big as my love for polish is, it doesn't come close to how much i love my pets, and any opportunity to include them in here, I'm happy to do!

This post is going to follow Max and Penny's reaction to Burns biscuits.  And my cats, Neo, Maggie and Maizie an their reaction to the cat biscuits!

So, to write the all important info about Burns's feed....Dogs first!

Original - Chicken & Rice
Suitable for Adult and Senior Dogs
· Hypo-allergenic & gluten free
· No wheat, beef or dairy
· Suitable for managing food intolerence
· Suitable for sensitive dogs
· Ideal for dogs prone to digestive upset
· or intestinal distress
· Highly Digestible
· Economical
· Less to clear up

Comes in: 15kg, 7.5kg and 2kg

Made to his original recipe, John Burns’ Original Chicken & Brown Rice contains everything an adult dog needs for lifelong health and vitality. When used as a general maintenance diet it can help to maintain healthy skin, coat and digestion. Where dogs need a little extra help Burns Original can be used for the management of many dietary related health problems.
Quality Ingredients
Made with whole grains and high quality animal proteins, Original Chicken & Brown Rice is a complete diet containing all the nutrients a dog needs for a long and healthy life.
Burns Original is hypo-allergenic, so it is suitable for even the most sensitive dog. It is formulated without ingredients such as wheat, soya, dairy, artificial colourings and artificial preservatives which are known to cause symptoms of food intolerance including itchy skin, excessive moulting, full anal glands and waxy ears.

Healthy Digestion, Skin and Coat
Burns Original can help manage many dietary related health issues including bad breath, wind, itchy skin and excessive moulting.

Lower Feeding Costs
Containing only the finest quality ingredients Burns Original is highly digestible therefore feeding amounts are lower meaning that daily feeding costs are significantly lower than those of other premium brands.

The Holistic Approach
Burns Original diets naturally maintain healthy skin, coat and digestion and can help manage dietary related health problems by caring for the body as a whole.

Made in the UK
Burns Original range is produced in the UK.

Sounds ideal - and I've never actually tried my dogs with Burns Food, so I'm interested in how they feel about it, and obviously how their stomachs are afterwards.  
My main observations will be 
  • how they enjoy it (i wont say how quickly as Penny literally hoovers up anything, and Max is a slow eater!), 
  • any bloating of wind or excess wind (without embarrassing Penny, she suffers from it dreadfully!!) 
  • and also if theres any change in their faeces.

Dogs Thoughts!

So my two were sent a bag of the Original for Adults and Seniors 15kg.

These two are the ones who did the testing for us!

So. Max is a 12 year old collie cross.  He still has all his teeth, there is a little bit of tartar around the edges of his teeth and gums, but nothing overly major.  Coat is in good condition and no problems health wise. Both dogs are given a chew treat everyday to help keep the tartar at a minimum.

Penny is a 4yr black Labrador.  I think it's a lab thing (all my previous labs were the same) because this girl I think hoovers her food up.....ending with a very unlady like belch!!  As a lab, she is blessed with a lovely shiny coat and also no health issues.

Max is a much slower eater and has been since I came home with him from a rescue. 

Onto the biscuits.
I always feed a mix of wet and dry.  For two reasons i think.
The first is that the biscuits will help scrape against their teeth and help keep any tarter at bay. Also, Max is an extremely fussy eater and if its not coated in gravy he refuses to eat it...(me round little finger...? Nah....)

So the biscuits were the perfect size.  Literally a bite would break it down, so perfect for Max. Penny - she'll eat anything!!

Per day i used 2 of these between them, so one each:

The 15kg bag lasted them just over a month, which i think is a pretty good length of time!

And this is the delicious looking dinner they have to eat daily!

The proof is in the pudding (so to speak!!)
Penny literally had it completely cleared out the bowl within 2 minutes.....with the usual ladylike belch!! She definitely enjoyed it!!

And Max. Although he eats slow he ate EVERYTHING - all the biscuits, which for Max is pretty unusual as he normally kinda licks the gravy of them and leave them (yeah, hes a little sneak) but these were all gone after he finished eating.  The fact the individual biscuits were of a small size helped immensely i think.  Max wasn't able to lick the gravy off without taking the biscuit with it!!!

It obviously agreed with their stomachs too, as their faeces were normal for them.  It wasn't too runny or too hard (sorry i have no idea how to phrase this "nicely"!!) - no evidence of force of having to go, and no blood or anything mixed in.
In regards to controlling wind - I'm not sure if it aided.  Penny can suffer with terrible wind at night, mostly as she gulps it too quickly, but we are trying to slow her down.  They did, however, differ in the odour wasn't as strong as it normally is! (sorry!!).
Their coats were nice and glossy.  Max had suffered a period of flaky skin that had to be treated with prescribed topical medication from the vets.  After a few meals with Burns biscuits, it seems to have cleared up very well, which I'm pleased about.

  Onto the Cats! This will be a different observation on my behalf.  They are very fussy when it comes to biscuits.  I generally leave a bowl out for the day for them to nibble on.  With Whiskas, they clear the bowl out in a day.  I'm interested to see how they feel about Burns biscuits.  Again, will be watching for any bloating, any difference in faeces (that's if i can find any -only one of the cats will poop in the tray - the other two go outside!).  

Original Cat is a low fat, naturally preserved, hypo-allergenic food for adult and senior cats. Original Cat comes in two varieties (chicken and fish) and is suitable for both healthy cats and those prone to skin or digestive problems. Original Cat contains highly digestible animal protein and contains all eleven essential amino acids cats require including taurine.
Fish & Brown Rice is £10.12/2kg and Chicken & Brown Rice is £9.00/2kg

Cats reactions

I think its common knowledge that cats are way more fussier over what they eat than dogs are - well mine are anyway!  In the past they've happily snubbed food until i give in and give them something they like!

So, my 3 testing the kitties food was 
Maizie - an 8 year old moggie (as the other 2 are!).  Maizie is extremely independent, hops in and out of the house all day when ever she likes.  Likes to nibble on the available biscuits and then out for another wander.
Neo - is a huge black fluff ball of a cat - a complete gentle giant and is 13years old.  He has all his own teeth still.  Not as active as the other two, but still adventures outside a lot.
Maggie is a 13year old tortoiseshell, and again still has all her own teeth.  She is extremely fussy about what she eats, and it is her that i have to base all the cats food around!

To try and get a picture of each one eating - especially Maggie, took me a heck of a long time!!!  So Maggie's picture are a little blurred, but each one happily munching on the biscuits.

I feed both wet and dry food.  So they have 2 tins of wet food and a Burns cupful of biscuits a day.

However, after a few hesitant first days with the Burns biscuits, id come to refill it at the same time the next day, and the bowl was empty. Normally, there would always be at least a small layer on the bottom of the bowl left.  So i increased it to one and a half cups a day and this was more adequate for them - a few straggling biscuits at the bottom, nothing huge but they really did like the biscuits after those first few days!

The size of the biscuits were perfect for cats, even my senior ones - they didn't have to bite too hard or too much but at the same time helping to clean their teeth.

Toilet habits didn't alter at all, so no negative side effects there. Coats were in good condition and healthy too.


Both the cats and the dogs thoroughly enjoyed their Burns meals!  The size of the bags were good and lasted them a long time.  It can be considered bit pricey but in this instant i think its worth it.

  • Both the cats and dogs enjoyed them.
  • Good sized biscuits - especially for older dogs, not too big or hard to crunch
  • good sized bags for both cats and dogs
  • knowledge that the brand is renowned to be of good standing with regards to the ingredients.
  • Can be used as a stand alone diet, or mixed with wet food.

  • Can be a bit pricey if you're on a budget
  • fussy eaters may take a while to come around!
  • Didn't help Penny's wind problem, but i think that's just her, not the food!
In all honesty, the positives of this food is considerably higher than the negatives.  The only hiccup is that compared to some other brands, it can be considered a bit more expensive, especially supermarkets own, and if you have more than 2 dogs, it could be an issue.

Apart from that, i would really recommend the feeds they tried!
The way i see it, as long as they liked it, and it wasn't causing any negative reactions, i was a happy furball mum!

For More Information on Burns, they can be found here:
Contact Email: Sales: 
There is also a freephone number to talk to them, and online chat on the website.

**Dog and Cat Food received by Burns for review purposes, no other compensation exchanged, all opinions are my own**


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