Wednesday, 11 June 2014

On The Search for some Lemmings!.....Can You Help?

Don't normally do the whole begging post or ask for lemmings but you know when you get it in your head that you want something and you cant rest until you get it?
That's where i am right now!!

So, of course its nail polish.  Its not even expensive polish.  Its just an old series, that I'm hoping someone may be able to help me with so i can do a post on them!

Yes, i love polish and yes i love paranormal, but NO i did NOT like Twilight (sorry - i tried, really i did, but just couldn't get into it).  However, Essence released a number of polishes that i would love to have.

These are:
Vampires Love Series

This set includes:
01 - Good Old Buffy (SOURCED)
02 - Into The Dark (SOURCED)
03 - True Love
04 - The Dawn is Broken
05 - Hunt Me If You Can (SOURCED)

Twilight - Breaking Dawn

01 - Jacob's Protection (SOURCED)
02 - Alice Had A Vision - Again (SOURCED)
03 - A Piece of Forever
04 - Edward's Love

Twilight - Eclipse Set

01 - Undead?
02 - Thirsty
03 - Don't Bite Me -Kiss Me
04 - Hide Bella Hide
05 - Ready To Be Bitten

You get the gist!
If you can help me with any of these, please get in touch! I would be very grateful!!

I thought id add my other most wanted lemmings (ya know, just incase...!!!)  Again, if you can help, PLEASE let me know!!!

Girly Bits - Perry-twinkle
Girly Bits - Island Time
Girly Bits - Endless Love
Lilypad Lacquer - Queen of Halloween
Lilypad lacquers - Natures Gift
OPI DS Exclusive
Different Dimensions - The Dreamers and Me
Different Dimensions - Just Keep Swimming

I also love sets based on tv/books/film series - so if you know of anywhere selling them, please do let me know!!  I had so much fun doing MckFresh's Buffy set id love to do another!

(this is not the only lemmings I'm after, but the ones I'm really hoping to find!! Heres my lemming list (not exhaustive!!))

Happy Polishing as always!!

(** please bear in mind im on hols for 2 weeks until 5th July - if you have any of the above, PLEASE can you wait for me!!** Thanks!!)


  1. hi love your post and sorry i have not got any of these but will keep looking for you xx

    1. LOl, thanks mum, but if i cant find them, im thinking you might not be able to, but ask around if you can!! ;)


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