Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Mascara Challenge No #7 Eyeko Skinny Brush Long and Tall

Its been a while since I've done the next challenge but that's cos i was suffering a bad case of Panda Eyes and didn't want them to look worse than they do!!

Ive had this one and been using for a good while, and while i haven't blogged about it, or done the set of questions, this is my favourite mascara at the moment.  It has never run on me, never smudged and really does lengthen your lashes.

Anyway, so this one is the Eyeko Skinny Brush Long and Tall mascara costing £15 to buy.

Info directly from the Eyeko website:

Award-winning lengthening mascara.
Our slim design brush with dispersed bristles grabs and captures even the shortest lashes to lengthen, extend and separate like no other. We use a unique botanical blend with key ingredient Pro-vitamin B to promote growth by preventing breakage for instantly longer lashes with long-term lash care.

- Conditioning Pro-vitamin B 
- Intense jet-black colour 
- No smudging, crumbling or flaking
- Water-resistant 
- Paraben-free formula
- Locks in colour for 12hrs+
- Easy-to-remove

My Thoughts
I realise that different mascaras suit some while they don't suit others. THIS one, suited me.

It had a great twirly kind of brush, and brought out with it a coating of mascara with it - no clumps or bumps and no excess.
It went on very easily and very smoothly, and i think they really did lengthen my lashes.

Ive never had any problems with it smudging (i have pretty sensitive eyes so i do sometimes have to do some gentle rubbing) but it has never smudged.

As for waterproof....something i wasn't able to test but in the warmer weather when i was doing something daft (like jet washing and hoovering my car) i got hot and my face was very red, flushed and slightly damp. It hadn't run or smudged, so another tick in its favour!

Four hours later, only a small amount looked like it had gone, mainly on the bottom lashes, and a few on the top, but the mascara was definitely still on and not budging!!

It took a good while and a lot of light rubbing of a face cleansing wipe to get it all off - impressed with its staying power!

Onto the 8 points:
1) Cost (for full size) -£15.00
2) ease of application - Very easy
3) volumises lashes - draws the lashes out and really does lengthen the lashes
4) Smudgeproof - Yep
5) Any clogging -It was totally clog free
6) Hardiness (how long it lasts for) and if it looks just as good as when i put it on - pretty much all there by the end of 4 hours, the lower lashes were missing a bit, but id say 90% still on
7) How easy to get off at the end of the day? - took a good few scrubs with the face wipe, but comes off completely using one face wipe
8) Marks out of 10 for all of the above - id say a good 9 for this one! (mark down one as i couldn't test waterproofness well and also the price is still a little high!)

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  1. Looks like it does a great job! I'll ask my wife if she's ever used this brand before.

  2. This article was meant for me. I am mascara challenged. I love mascara but rarely wear it because it always runs or smudges. I will have to try the Eyeko. Thank you for sharing this.


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