Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Possibly One of The Most Generous and Useful Magazine Sub Gift......?

One of my most popular posts by far is my one for "Magazine Subscriptions Offers" which i try to keep updated monthly.
And of course, finding these, they tempt me in with it on more than a few times!

In April i subbed to Grazia after its offer of a Goodybag worth over £100 was on offer as a welcome gift.
I actually got an email to tell me the gift was on its way, which I've never had from any previous subs I've done.

I was pretty gobsmacked what i actually received!
Take a look......

Individually these items are:

This Dermalogica Age Smart Kit has an RRP of £43.60

a full sized (250ml) bottle of Umberto Gianni FRIZZI "Bad Hair Day" Smoothing Shampoo, with an RRP of £5.50

Again, full sized 250ml of Umberto Gianni "Make My Day" Smoothing Conditioner, also with an RRP of £5.50

a 50ml (full sized) tube of Umberto Giannini FRIZZI
Transformation Fluid Silicone Serum with an RRP of £6.00

And the last item from Umberto Giannini is the FRIzZI 3 Day Extreme Taming Spray with an RRP of £6.00

And onto the Phyto goodies....

Again, another full sized bottle (200ml) of Phyto Repairing Shampoo with an RRP of £12.50

A full sized tube of Phyto Express Conditioner (150ml) with an RRP of £14.50

And lastly, another full sized bottle of 75ml, the Phyto Intense Hydration Regenerating Night Cream has an RRP of £28.00

A pretty impressive welcome gift, when you think that you're getting the magazine as well!  And these item will ALL be use, which with some welcome gifts, theres one or two items that might not be suitable for you. I'm glad i went for this one, but i think its now finished - sorry!!

When totted up all the items here come to a total of £121.60!
Nice!  Big part of me hoping the items live up to the prices, especially the Phyto - I've never used that before, and the prices shocked me a little.
Don't worry, ill be sure to share my thoughts!!

have a great day!


  1. WOW that was a great sub gift ! i did not subscribe STUPID ME !!!

  2. That's amazing! I love magazine gifts.


  3. That's a terrific haul. I haven't seen an offer that I've been interested in for ages. I have been good with my magazine buying though recently!

  4. Wow! That is fantastic :-) There are many great items there. I think I need to start looking at magazine subscriptions too :-)

  5. I had no idea a magazine wiould be so generous. I have used Dermalogica before so I know how excellent their products are! Shame the offer has ended. Really good quality products, enjoy!


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