Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Huge Long Shot....But Why Not?

Its that time of year again guys....

....Yup, its the Cosmopolitan Blogger Awards.

This is a HUGE, MASSIVE long shot - as i know the high standards blogs are written and presented as.

But i also thought, as my blog is just under 18 months, its probably my last time to have maybe a slim chance as after that, i go into the group for ALL beauty blogs, and there are some epic beauty blogs out there, and i know my little corner wont have a chance!

So, as its pretty much my last go at maybe getting somewhere.....(maybe!), i thought, why not? Nothing to lose really!

So, this is where i need you guys.

If you think my blog deserves a nomination PLEASE, PLEASE can you click the below button, and enter me in the "BEST NEWCOMER BEAUTY AWARD"

The picture will take you directly to the nominations page.  Where it says enter html, please put in:

In honesty, id be extremely grateful for anyone to think that my blog would be able to stand aside the so many others, but i guess if you don't try, you never know, right?

If you DO decide to vote for me, can i ask a really cheeky favour and ask if you can ask your friends too?
Thank you so, so much if you do nominate me.

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  1. You never know unless you try. I'm not sure how they judge these things, what the criteria is etc. Hope you do well!


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