Sunday, 6 July 2014

Blog News May 2014 **UPDATED**

So!  There's a lot i needed or wanted to say to you guys, the readers of my little blog over here, so figured the best way to do it was to write a post!
So here i go...

1st (and foremost in my mind) - to the winners of the first part of the Blogiversary Giveaway, i can only share my hugest apology that you haven't received your win yet.  Not sure if you were aware, but i broke my ankle in March and literally only just got the cast off last week, and i plan to post THIS week.  They have all been sat and wrapped ready to post, i just haven't been able to get there! ( And I'm still not allowed to drive, so relying on my mum to help me out with this one!!). **COMPLETED**

Leads nicely to number 2-
The second part of the blogiversary had to be put on hold as i had the foresight to bring the prizes from the first part with me to my mums while my ankle healed.....but not the second, so i asked on my Facebook page what people thought, and rather than have a looooooooong drawn out competition, they spoke instead of healing my ankle, being able to get back home and start it then, which is my plan - so anyone who thinks part two isn't coming - YOU ARE WRONG!! It so is, just please bear with me!! **TO BE DONE**

Third issue - I'm currently at just over 600 posts written.  I came to try and change some of the colours on the actual posts to make it easier to read.  However, after much frustration, i was informed that ANY content copied from Microsoft Word can clash with the trying of changing anything with the blog.  SO, this leaves me having to go through each and every post, checking if it has any MS Word content.  Any that do, i have to re-write which is taking an extremely long time, as you can imagine....and extremely tedious! But this is the main reason as to why my post frequency has been not of my usual amount, and that alone is actually bugging me, but if i don't get the clashing programs fixed,  i cant change anything on my blog, so i need to do it, so please (again!) bear with me! **ON PAUSE**

Fourth - and to me this is a big deal!!
We all favour a hand that is the easiest to paint nails on and photograph to put on the blog.  Ive over done the swatches in recent months, and my poor nails are a shadow of what they are normally. Soft and breaking, and my little finger nail feels like its hanging on for dear life!
So THIS is the reason for no polish reviews, and my frustration (again) as i love to sit and polish my nails, and greatly missing it!!!
But i need to get my nails healthy, and the only way to do this is just to feed the nail and keep away from polishing, strong polish removers etc, and get them back to strength.  To any polish makers who i have said i will review for - i WILL, but please excuse me for a short while so i can get my nails stronger! **GETTING MUCH BETTER - How they have will be written about!!**

Fifth.  People who know me know i live in Northern Ireland at the moment, and as much as i love where i live and the area, i have NO support over there.  It hit home majorly when i broke my ankle.  I had no one to help me. My mum had to fly over to Belfast, grab a taxi from the airport to Ballymena which cost £40 and then drive me and the two woofs back to hers in Cheshire.  Which is where i am at the moment.  But the plan is to move back here permanently.  This is gonna roughly take a month and will be done later in the year, but will also be a contributing factor to a low release of posts, although, hopefully some kind beauty/nail bloggers might be able to help me out with some guest posts at some point!! **DOING!!!**

Lastly, i thought i would add this here.  I'm trying ( and that probably is the most operative word to use) to get voted for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2014 in the category of Best Newcomer Beauty Blog 2014 (under 18 months).  Its the last chance i really have of maybe even appearing in the nomination list, believe me as much as i love my little corner, i have no illusion of the fantastic and high calibre blogs there are out there, even under 18 months.  Next time these awards come around, i couldn't even dream of competing against some of the more established, epic and pretty much world renowned blogs, so this is my last little try.  If you think you'd like to vote for me, please do so HERE, i would be extremely grateful and also very thankful! **FINISHED**

I hope this clears a few things up! If theres anything else regarding my blog that you think you need an answer to, please don't hesitate to contact me and ill do my very best to give you the best answer.

Take care all, and be good to yourselves!

EDITED 6th July 2014

Right, so!
I wrote this post as i wanted to let readers know where i was.

I'm happy that Issue One has been ticked off my list, thank God! I hope all the winners were pleased with their wins, after waiting so long for them!

Part Two will come when I've finally moved house, which takes me to issue 5 - i have come off my two weeks holidays early last Tuesday morning (July 1st).  We got to my mums, to find the shower had leaked and soaked the sofa, the carpet and the walls.  We had to get the ferry to NI on Thursday - so the wonder woman my mum is, managed to get the insurance rolling, and things in place in a fantastic 2 days so we could both get on the Ferry on Thursday morning.  But this means that the minute we set foot in her house again, we need to move me in and also accommodate workers!  We literally haven't stopped since we got back :(

As I'm on a short time line (18 days from now, my things will be picked up to move!), with packing, being ruthless with items and running back and forth to the tip, I'm going to have put my poor blog to the side.  I'm not happy to do this as its been too long since I've got a really good post out, but PLEASE BEAR WITH ME!!  I'm planning a few giveaways when I'm up and running again to kick it off, but until I'm settled, there will be no new posts and, my hugest apologies to the brilliant Book Tour Companies and the authors with the delay on reviews - as always they either HAVE been read, and I've had no time to do the review, or they WILL be read and reviewed as soon as i can.  

I have tried to not accept any new posts for the next month so I'm not letting anyone down, but like i say, i cant wait to get blogging again, and trying all the gorgeous new polishes i have to share with you!

I hope you can wait for me to get back, and i hope to ensure some good posts for you!

If you need to contact me, please use the contact form or the email to the right and ill try to respond ASAP.  My online time is nowhere near as great as normal, so, again, please bear with me.

Thank you all, and i hope you're all keeping well!


  1. Good luck getting nominated for the blog awards! (: I love your blog!

    1. Thank you! thats so nice of you to say as well, means a lot! Thank you! :) xx

  2. Sorry to hear about your ankle. Hope you are recovery now. Moving is a big thing but in the long run its worth it if you can be closer to family. All my family is in the states or mr p is in ireland so in england we have little of this so I know how you feel. It's hard. Good luck for the blog awards. Your blog is lovely.

    1. Sorry to hear your fa away from family - it does suck. its just me and mum and we're more like sisters than mum and daughter, so we both miss each other loads - even tho we skype for hours everyday when im at home!
      Thank you for the kind words about my blog, i genuinely am bowled over when someone says it, so big thank you xxx

  3. Sorry to hear you have been through all that, on the positive at least you have a good excuse - I'm just rubbish! Look after yourself!!

    1. hey thanks for stopping by - i know the last few months seem to have been a whirlwind, and the next 3 or 4 are shaping up the same way!!xx

  4. Wow, you sound really busy! Hope things get easier soon and your ankle is better. And good luck with the awards!

    1. thank you! For the well wishes and the blog....i forgot to mention i have a 2 week holiday coming up too....everything seems to be happening at once!!! Thank you for stopping by and for taking the time to comment! :) xx

  5. Claire when you get back to Cheshire do you fancy a meet up? :) I would love to have a coffee and a natter x


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