Sunday, 18 May 2014

A Beautiful World Beauty Box Spring/Summer 2014

You know when i post about a Beauty Box, it has to be something that makes me smile.

I'm in two minds about this one.I came back to this sentence - i think its kinda obvious if i had the chance again, i wouldn't buy it!

I got the Winter "A Beautiful World" box and i loved it and thought all the items were perfect.

I got up at 6am to ensure i got my box purchased - and probably a good thing i did as at 7.30am they were all sold out....i promptly fell back to sleep after that....I'm so not a morning person...!!

So this box, as you may have already gathered is the "A Beautiful World" Spring/Summer 2014 box.  It cost £20 plus postage.  But like i say, i was going off what the Winter box was like and happily paid the £20.

As with the Winter box, it comes in a cute little white, stiff paper bag and the box is bright red and the items are well secured in the box surround by a mountain of shredded paper.

These are the box contents!

This item was the only full sized and i kinda scrunched my nose up at it.  On the label it was written "White Chocolate Elbow, Knee & Heel Cream"...WHAT!!??? It was even more gobsmacking to me to read that it cost £19 a's a strange item to have, and the price would definitely put me off.....anyone who got the box like this??

This i wish was a bigger size.  Always interested in eye creams as i suffer badly from dark circles and puffy eyes.  But looking at the price, i should be grateful we got this little bit! But then, what if it works? I cannot afford the full size, which goes at over $100 a pop! *sigh*

A brand i have never heard of and again not surprised as this size tub alone costs $18 on the website! Definitely one ill use, but again, price will stop me buying it again....

Aha! A brand i have heard of.....heard of but not really looked into!  Will be trying this one with high hopes, and having not looked at the price, I'm hoping if it helps my skin, its not too much!

OK, a bit more info on this would have been handy! Good old google to the rescue.  All it says is "Chocolate Sun- Nature's Healthy Tan" and a little sticker on the back saying "Cocoa Glow".  Found the website, and by looking at the items for sale deduced it was a tanning body cream- and cocoa glow is for medium to dark skin - I'm as pale as a ghost, so another, not so good for me...not looking a great box is it?

Urgh! I HATE face masks - i don't know why, I've just never really got on with them, and never found them doing anything for my face. Ive had these in other beauty boxes, and sadly to say, it didn't rock my world either....

I'm not sure what to say about this. Sure i love a cuppa- I'm English - its what we're known for, but I've never liked flavoured - no not even iced tea or lemon tea!

THIS is a huge mystery - and almost a "whats the point" of the size sent? Brand? Suit skin type? Ingredients? Instructions?.....

Uhhm...its a bag...that you can use again (until the little zipper thing breaks) with a pretty pattern on it........uhm.....what else should i be saying here??!?

When i first opened the box, i actually felt a little disappointed. 
And sad to say, having written this, i had no idea HOW disappointed i was.  Geez.....i thought the monthly boxes could be bad.
This box had big shoes to fill after the Winter one.  It sold out in under 2 hours.  Had people waking early (that don't or cant usually).....all the usual trademarks of an epic box.

I'm really sorry - I've read other reviews where the folk are happy with what they got.....I'm really not.  I was more impressed with the free subscription i got with Grazia last month. 

This has disappointed me, and once again put the question mark back over me buying marketed "surprise" beauty boxes - no matter how good their last one was.  You're only as good as the box you've just released.

Am i the only one disappointed?? I cant be! Ive seen great reviews of them written...okay so the MULondon Cream was £19 on its own- that's brilliant - if you wanted joint cream - which i actually didn' is it still brilliant when its an item you don't need, never heard of, and wouldn't have bought it anyway?

Once again, I've stepped back from manufactured Beauty Boxes - UNLESS i know what is going to be in there and is suitable to me, which is a little sad.  I love a surprise as much as the next beauty box lover, but when the surprises always leave you feeling deflated......always making you say "I'm not gonna buy another" but then risking it and being disappointed again and cursing yourself for falling for the hype...

Can anyone help me redeem this box? Anyone think it was wonderful?
I would LOVE for someone to point out the positives of this to me, as i don't like not liking things I've bought! So please, if you think you can help me like it, let me know??!?

I really hope if you bought this, that you're happy with it!!


  1. I've always wanted to try out a beauty box, they look so good! The White Chocolate Elbow, Knee & Heel Cream sounds a bit funky though!

    Frankie x

  2. nice blog post, same as above ive always wanted to try a beauty box seen so many people talk about them on youtube and on social media.the chocolate sun tan sounds cool x id love to see how that comes out :) x keep up the great work xx

  3. What an amazing box of goodies! I'd love one!

  4. ok, this is bad - it looks like its just me that didnt like it!!
    Must be fussier than i thought...!!!

  5. Claire im glad it was sold out cos I wouldnt like this slecetion either

  6. I think that if you hadn't had the previous box, this one might not have been so disappointing, so I wonder if the more positive reviews are from people for whom this is their first ABW box? I bought the previous one, then recommended to this one to lots of people, then felt a bit daft for doing so as it definitely wasn't as good and had substantially less in it.

    Have you seen Memeboxes or the British Beauty Blogger box that came out this week? They've got a lot more in them. Here's an example:


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