Saturday, 19 April 2014

The Watch Hut

The Watch Hut was first opened in November 2005 and is now the Uk's largest online retailer.  Its maiden store is in Covent Garden, and has a fantastic welcoming and open plan area to showcase the huge variety of watches they have - in price and in brands.

A great added extra is their up to date "click and Collect" where if you prefer to pick up the watch in person at Covent Gardens, you can begin your order online, and finish it in person.  You'll be sent an email or text to let you know when your new watch is ready for collection! Generally its the same day - bonus!

The Website, The Watch Hut, is extremely easy to navigate with options to filter your search by price, brand, style and for all activities!
The website offers 360 view points so you can see what you're buying from all angles.

If you order online before 4pm your order will be dispatched the same day! And even better - if you spend £60 or more, postage is free for next day delivery.
Worldwide Shipping is also available.

Payment, again, can be made in a wide array of possibilities - from your normal Visa and MasterCard, to Paypal and even to pay through Amazon.

There is a HUGE variety to suit all tastes and all pockets:
Check out these small collections:

Mens Watches

Women's Watches

This is just a small selection of their watches. They also cater to sport, divers, children and elite.  
Not only is it watches that they provide, they sell jewellery, offer a free bracelet resizing and online price match for their watches.

The have social media covered with accounts at Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram.

So whichever way you prefer to view the watches, you have a great way to find them!

The Watch Hut is a British established shop with great variety, an easy to use website, good prices, customer service is an email or (land line) phone call away, and makes buying your next watch a breeze.

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post* - all info is available on The Watch Hut's website and any opinions expressed are mine
**prices correct at time of blog post being written**

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  1. Ive actually been into the store and it is really lovely, i found the staff really helpful too x


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