Saturday, 26 April 2014

NOTD's: Lilypad Breaking Out The Blues for Autism Awareness

Ok, so coming to the end of April, which the end of my blues for Autism Awareness.
I haven't done as many as id liked, but I'm kinda restricted being at my mums and not being next to my helmer at home!!

Everyone who knows me, knows of my love of lilypads - have done from the first bottle i bought (velveteen!), and i keep building my collection, as i can honestly say i don't think theres one colour i don't like.
Nicole has always been brilliant to buy from and her love and passion for her polishes shines bright through.
These are by no means the limit of blues that Lilypads have, they're just the only ones i had with me!!

As always, polish is a dream to work with.  Smooth application, two thick coats to prevent catching the first coat and pulling it up off the nail.  Having said that, a few of them would have been fine with one coat - but for consistency i used two on all.
I was lucky to catch the sun on some of these polishes, but not all, so some aren't shown to their full potential but TRUST me - lilypads are just yummy!!


I Do love my blues and i DO love my Lilypads!

This may well be the last AA post as my nails are poorly and at the moment being helped to strengthen and grow with some gel polish, but they're looking so much better already, and i have so many polishes I'm itching to try, so hopefully not too long!!

As always, happy polishing!!


  1. I love the sparkly nail polish that just wasn't available when I was a teenager (over 40 years ago!). Nowadays I don't use nail polish - haven't in years - but I would have used this polish if it had been available 40 years ago. I appreciate you blogging for autism awareness. My brother in law has autism. Thank you! Alana

    1. ahh pfft! You can wear any nail polish colour youd like! im 34 and i love blues and purples - but its only the last year ive discovered polishes so im still experimenting myself!
      and no probs doing blue for Austism Awareness - i hope it helps people recognise it a little more :)
      thank you for stopping by! xx

  2. Visiting from
    I'm not much into nail polish, but it's awesome that you're supporting Autism awareness!
    Check out my blog sometime if you get a chance :)

    1. hi! Thank you for stopping by! happy to pop on over :) xx

  3. I don't think I'd ever be brave enough to wear blue nail varnish! Lovely colours though! :)

    1. dont have to be brave to wear blue! Im not brave, but i still wear it- and others!! Give it a go, you might surprise yourself!! ;) xx


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