Friday, 11 April 2014

NOTD's: Glittering Elements Blue Polish (Autism Awareness Month)

i couldn't choose which blue to show from Glittering i thought id show you all the ones i have here (if you read my blog you know I'm at my mums right now with a broken ankle, and i brought A LOT of polish with me, but obviously not all, so I'm kinda limited!!).

Anyway, I've loved GE since i first spoke to Casey (creator and mastermind) and had some of the first batches - this polish has gone from strength to strength, and i would strongly suggest having a look at her shop on etsy HERE. if you want to see my past manis using GE theres some HERE, HERE and HERE

So onto the polishes.
In general - super easy to use, smooth application, brush is the perfect size and i barely went over the nail (which is a big thing for me, lol!!).  I might suggest to make sure your brush is coated - what i did was pull the brush out, drained some off by knocking it against the inside of the bottle a couple of times, so its quite a thick coat.
All took 2 coats. 
Top and base coat on all are Eye Candy Gel Wrap System.
One thing i will say here. We haven't had much sun here in the UK, so these polishes as beautiful as they look in the pictures, come to life so much more in the sun...i just havent had any sun to show you this!! Typical UK...!!

Some gorgeous blues, and ill let the pictures speak for themselves!

Yummy, huh? I have other polishes I'm itching to show you, but i made a promise to myself that April is a blue polish only month!
A strong suggestion - especially at the moment, keep an eye on Glittering Elements Facebook page as Casey is offering special deals very frequently at the moment!!

Ways to find Glittering Elements:
FB -
Etsy Store -


  1. WOW I love Pixie Potion!!! YAY to blue for Autism Awareness! :) xx

  2. So pretty, I love the royal blue!

  3. Love the blues - my favorite color!

  4. Oooh I love Winter Wonderland - some gorgeous polishes here :)

    Jess xo

  5. I love the midnight blue shade!
    Fabulous! ;)


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