Monday, 21 April 2014

NOTD's: Blue CBL's (Colors By Llarowe) **Autism Awareness Month**

Another Blue polish post. This time featuring one of the most amazing polishes i have been introduced to in the near past.  I have quickly built up a little collection, but these babies are now being recognised as the special polishes they are, so restock time can be a stressful time for polish lovers!
They are, of course Colors By Llarowe (CBL's), available from the Store Llarowe and now also stocked at Harlow and Co.

The polishes arrived about two years after Leah Ann opened up Llarowe.  Not being able to find the exact colour she was looking for she mixed her own, and it pretty much flew from there!  And i DO mean FLEW (or Fly...!) - these polishes don't hang around at restock time.  Luckily the new layout gives you a "cart" so you can put the polish in you like and you have 30 mins to check out - so go in with a list, or shop quick!!!!

There are so many more blues than what I'm showing below.  Some are limited edition (like recently for the USA football, the colours matched those of the teams - and I'm gutted i didn't pick up THAT particular blue (if anyone has it and wants to part with it, a good home is always here!! ;) )), some are just so gorgeous you need to be quick on restock.

Having said that, i love all the ones below (well, i wouldn't have bought them if i didn't, right!).
Ok, so the polishes in general.  I swear that Indies are in a general way upping their game a little. The polish was just so easy to apply.  It took 2 coats for each polish.  Like a lot of holo or glitter polishes the best way i found was to apply quite thick coats.  Some were actually opaque after one coat, but i thought id keep it consistent.
Base and top Coat were Eye Candy Gel Wrap System.

What i will say is a lot of these gorgeous polishes have holos and as im sat in the well known sunny country of UK, i couldn't catch it on some of the polishes, but i still think they're gorgeous, and they are going NOWHERE from my collection!!!

Sit and feast your eyes on these gorgeous pretties!  (When people say "its another blue".....pfft! Theres way more than one type of blue - we know it and we show it!!)

I think its clear to see why CBL's are becoming very popular and VERY fast.
You may recognise the name Llarowe due to it being one of the biggest online stores that stocks a ton of different brands including indies and mainstreams.  Its a nail polish addicts version of a kid in a candy shop!!

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  1. They are very pretty, especially coal in my stocking x

    1. Thank you hun! Always happy to see when you comment, so thank you for taking the time! :)

  2. They're all pretty! wow!!! I miss painting my nails :( I still have to wait after giving birth .. btw, I found your blog through GIG and following you now through bloglovin' :) I really hope you can visit my blog as well and certainly wish that you can follow back :)
    gigLove♥ from

    1. if it makes you feel any better, my nails are nubbins atm, so no more polishing for me for a good few weeks either :( Ive got gel coats on to help them grow!
      Happy to nip over! :)

  3. beautiful colours! I'm not a big nail polish girl {it chips so fast on me!} but I love these x

  4. Personally i think blue polish is the most complementing shade of nail color out there. I can never go wrong w it. My nails always look put together with blue polish!

    My fave from your selection? In the navy :)


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