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Need Some Polish to Quench your Desires?.......Introducing Nire's Desire's!

SO! The purpose of this post is to (finally!) get a post up on my blog that has been sadly neglected and wilting due to my broken ankle! Also to blast you with a polish picture fest, and last but way not least, to introduce you to Indie polish Nire's Desires!

So, welcome to Nire's Desire!  This fantastic polish is thought, made and designed by Erin and her helpful hubby.
Erin started mixing polishes about a year ago and started selling in August 2013 - wow, personally i was impressed by the polishes, so flawlessly in appearance and so easy to use.

The first polish sold was called "Ice Hole" and is still in stock today.  She told me the one polish that is among the most popular is called "Revel" - and yes there are pics of it below - and i can totally understand why it is popular, i love it.  This one polish sold the most when the shop was opened, AND any other polish since the shop opened and Erin didn't think it was anything special..REALLY!?? 

As for the name, its unusual isn't it? Erin credits hubby for this.  NIRE is ERIN spelt backward - clever huh? And since shes a small Indie polish she wanted the initials ND (which is where Desire comes into it) and happily admits to being a nerd!
When i asked who the geniuses behind the polish were, she was a little stumped! Totally acknowledging being a polish junkie (girl after my own heart!) and found the Indie Polish World about 2 years ago and wayhey! Hello spending sprees!! And it was actually hubby who suggested making her own polishes as shes creative in her own right and he gives her the little push she needed! And hubby, having worked previously for car restoration and mixing paint for cars, has used his talent and eye for colours that will go well together.  Unlike Erin, hubby doesn't look on the net and see what others are available (unlike missy!) so makes truly individual polishes created purely for Nire's Desires.

Ok, so there you go - that's the story of Nire's Desires to to introduce you to those very gorgeous polishes.....
Ones that are available to buy, if you click the bottle picture of the polish, it will take you straight to that polish in the store :)

Generally speaking about the polishes-
Each one took just 2 coats for total coverage, and they were very smooth to use. I would advise to make sure the brush is coated as it can dry quickly on the nail and snag if you scrape across it with a bare brush (not unusual with polishes)
Base coat and Top Coat were Eye Candy Gel Wrap System, which is my favourite base and top coat of the moment.  It makes it easy to apply the polish over a smooth gel base coat, and the top coat shows all its glossiness in its glory. It dries pretty quick too (bonus!)

Right, first up is "Anam Cara". This is the newer bottle (you'll notice the rest are what to be the older bottles - so expect future polishes to be in these funky new shaped bottles!). The meaning of the name is " a loved one who awakens your life in order to free the wild possibilities within you" which is so cute! The colour is described as "a blurple polish with green sparkles"

You can see the green sparkles very easily in the bottle, but I'm afraid being in the UK, sun is not our friend right now, so despite trying to catch the sparkles on my nails it proved a little difficult, but i assure you they WERE there!

"Endless Desire" is part of ND's Techno Collection Phase One. Described as "an indescribable coloured holo with a red sheen that will make your heart throb".
This isn't the kind of colour i would normally have gone for, but i have to admit i did sit and just stared at it for ages. Extremely unique, and very pretty!

Possibly my favourite. "Evening's Rhapsody".  You can even see in the bottle how gorgeous it is. ND describes it as a "blue purple with a scattered holographic shimmer", which is pretty accurate, but the word iridescence keeps popping into my head with this one. A really light pretty purple that is just so delicate to look at. So pretty. Love it.

Levitate.....the polish speaks for itself.  Its a beautiful blue-turquoise-aqua kinda colour. A gorgeous slight holo scattered in and i really cannot find a fault with this one. A great bright colour for Summer!

One of the darker ones on here, "Midnight Persuasion" is a luscious deep blue jelly polish.  There are flecks of pink and blue that sparkle softly when the light catches them.  True to the Midnight part of the polish, this looks like the night sky and the flecks sparkle like the stars. Its really gorgeous!

And this is the gorgeous "Revel" that Erin thought want special!! I LOVE purples, more than i do blues and this is a perfect purple.  The perfect shade, again it has the rainbow holo, but due to the UK's notorious lack of sun, it sadly doesn't show up very well, but trust me when i say its gorgeous in person, and when the sun peeks out the holo comes to life and is just so pretty.

Starry Eyed Surprise - another amazing blue, almost a deep denim with a generous scattering of a silver holo which makes this one beautiful polish to behold.

OK, this one - i got as a mini to try.  Its going to be part of the new Techno Collection Phase Two to be released in the near future.  This one is called "Transatlantic", and is a warming deep sea green with a smattering of holo running through it.  If this is a teaser....i cant wait to see the rest!

There you have it!! I think the polish pictures speak for themselves. They are fantastic to use, so smooth and great application.
Erin is lovely, approachable and helpful every time i get in contact with her.

Shes been mega super kind and is offering you guys 20% off a $45 order (which lets face it, is so very easy to do in a polish store if you're a polish junkie!).  Just go through her ETSY store, and when you get to the check out put in the code "claire20". This lasts till the 1st of June 2014, so plenty of time to get an order in, but some are being discontinued so id really suggest to have a peek sooner rather than later (i already have 2 of the discontinued on hold for me lol!!!)

Very happy and proud to present and showcase some of Erin's polish from Nire's Desires.  I hope you liked the picture fest, and if you did - what are you waiting for!! Get over there!!

Thanks for reading as always, thanks to Erin for the help with the post and for the fantastic discount!
Happy Polishing as always guys!!

Ways to Find Nire's Desire:
ETSY Store:
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