Thursday, 10 April 2014

I won..!! The Versatile Blogger Award!! And made Nominations of my own....

The beautiful Alice over at Alice Megan Blog has very kindly and I'm so chuffed that she nominated me for this award - i have to admit, its one I've been hankering after for a while, so massive thank you Alice!!
Ok, there are rules i need to abide by for this award. Those are:
1.Thank and link the amazing person that nominated you - done!
2.List the rules as well and display the award.-Done!
3.Share seven facts about yourself. Done!
4.Nominate fifteen other amazing blogs and remember to comment on their blogs to let them know you've nominated them. (provide a link to your post)- Done!
5.This rule is optional you can proudly display the award logo anywhere on your blog e.g. on your sidebar and also follow the blogger that nominated you. Done!

So, the boring part - the 7 facts about me......

  1. I'm 34 and only just broke a bone - in my ankle - i was hoping to escape that in life!
  2. I live in NI atm, but planning to move back home to Cheshire later in the year
  3. I have one tattoo on my right shoulder blade in a paw print and has the symbol for "wolf" meaning for protection, inner courage, self belief (perfect for me!)
  4. I have a massive nail polish addiction (altho i doubt thats a shock to anyone!!)
  5. I love to read. I have a kindle Fire HD, and i do roughly 3 hours of reading a night before i go to sleep (unless I'm totally exhausted!!)
  6.  i am petrified of flying. I went to Cuba last year (10 hours on a plane) and literally knocked myself out with various prescribed meds...don't remember the flights there or back!! (which is probably for the best..i would have panicked)...the other thing...we're going back this year!!! LOL!!
  7. Ticked a big one off the bucket list while in Cuba and swam with dolphins - a totally amazing experience and such beautiful, gentle animals!

Ok, so its time for me to nominate. This will be difficult as most blogs will probably have this, but if i nominate them and they do, they just have a great blog!!

Chances are these blogs have already been nominated for this award, but they're great blogs, so how could i ignore them just because they may have had it before? Just showing them how much their blog is appreciated!!

Thank you so much Alice for the nomination, i very much appreciate it and i hope I've passed on the same proud little feeling to the ones I've nominated!


  1. Aw thank you hun, you might have to kick me in the shin to do this as I am hopeless at remembering x

  2. Thanks so much for the nomination :)

  3. Glad to meet someone else who is fearful of flying - I haven't tried it with any meds, though - I haven't flown in nearly 20 years and I may have to fly next year to attend a wedding - gulp! Sorry for the broken ankle - broken bones (I know) aren't fun at all. Alana

  4. Congratulations on the award. One of my friends has a fear of flying too!


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