Friday, 25 April 2014

BEWITCHING TOURS **GIVEAWAY & REVIEW**: "The Lost Library" by Kate Baray

Lost Library
Kate Baray

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Word count: approx. 71k
Pages: approx. 275

Author Kate Baray begins her new paranormal romance series with Lost Library, a tale of werewolves, magic, adventure and romance. 

John Braxton arrives unannounced on Lizzie’s doorstep. Little does she know that when she invites him to a drink on the porch, Lizzie opens the door to a secret world of werewolves—oops, they don’t like that name!—Lycan, magic, spelled books, and power hungry evildoers. Caught up in one man’s search for power, Lizzie soon begins to uncover surprising secrets about her own past and powers.

And romance with a serious but sexy Lycan? It might just happen…

John answered the phone on the first ring. He wasn’t sure what delusion had possessed him to think he’d be able to sleep soundly with Lizzie just across the camper from him. 

Especially after that insane moment in front of the bathroom. He’d been consumed by the sweet smell of her arousal. First through dinner, then as they’d cleaned up afterwards. She was drenched in the smell, and it had made him insane with desire. If he hadn’t also caught a hint of something uncertain hiding in the midst of all that rampant lust, he’d have been inside her faster than they could have reached a bed. He wasn’t sure what the cause was, but it was there. A tiny bit of something—doubt or fear. So he’d walked away.
The beds were on opposite sides of the camper—but he could still smell her, hear every sleep snuffle, and see her form curled up under the sheets. He’d finally slept—that was no surprise. He could sleep just about anywhere and in most conditions. But he tossed and turned, waking at even the smallest sounds. 

The next two days of this trip would be exhausting.

Kate Baray is a paranormal romance and urban fantasy writer. She lives and writes in Austin, Texas with the help of her spotty dogs and hound. Kate has worked as an attorney, a manager, a tractor sales person, and a dog trainer. All exciting and interesting jobs, but none so much as writing!

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