Sunday, 16 March 2014

Random Rambling # 8 - Broken Ankle Woes

So.  I'm 34 years of age.  And I've NEVER broken ANY bone in my life.

I guess it was my turn this week....

On Monday, i fell down the stairs on my way to answer the door for the electric meter reading guy.  I remember falling forwards, and theres not a big space between the last stair and the front door, so my ankle fell in the wrong way.  i KNOW i cried out, and it took me an extra 5 minutes to answer the door.

"here to read the meter", he said.....I'm clearly in pain as he reads the damn meter, and then he leaves......brilliant....what a prime example of human compassion...

So, anyway...yeah it hurts like i hobble up the stairs back to bed....
The stairs going up hurt, the ones coming down actually hurt more!!!

So, Monday, I'm sat with leg elevated and when its not elevated its in a massive bowl of cold water to bring the bruising out.  I swear i thought it was just a sprain...

....but as the days went on, the bruising came out (not pleasant!!) but the swelling didn't go down.

I talk to my mum on Skype everyday, and I've been showing her my ankle.  She had to FORCE me (seriously!) to ring an ambulance to get to the hospital....i was petrified.  I suffer from bad anxiety and panic attacks, and i was on my own..

....Ambulance men comes - really nice guys, it was about 4pm on Friday, so i was hoping i would miss the Friday Night Rush (ya know, the little mishaps that happen when slightly merry!!), but he said it had started already *groan*

Oh! and WOW - that gas and air stuff is FAB! Not sure I'm convinced that i'd go through child birth with it, but it helped the pain in the ankle, and actually with the panic attack!

So 5 hours later, 3 xrays and 2 cups of water (god i was dehydrated!) i was sent home by taxi ( that the hospital kindly got for me) and into a house where 2 energetic dogs were awaiting and in desperate need of going to relieve themselves!!!...altho sidetracked by the funny smelling cast attached to mums leg! i am. Ankle is hurting soooo much more than during the week, but  guess cos its all having to be put at the ankle angle right to fix!

Mum has taken pity on me and is on her way as i type to help me hobble around, but the plan is to go back by ferry (cos of the woofs) and stay at her (my) home until all better...which i cant wait for!

Here is where i ask if theres anything that can make this hindering pain in the ass a bit easier? I'm not expecting to be dancing along to the radio, but this is is my first EVER broken bone and i have no idea of any little secrets that might make it that little bit easier?

OK, six weeks without much of a chance to much i guess some nail posts might be on the horizon!!!!

Hope you're all OK, it sucks being poorly in any way, so keep your chin up, and lets get better quickly :)


  1. Soooo sorry to hear that! Hope you feel better soon! <3

  2. Ouch you poor thing. Right tips to heal quicker, do not do more than is necessary, the shock to your body means you need to be still and let anybody who can help! Drink more fluid than you actually want to drink, hydrating your body will help and the shock to your system affects your organs too. More tips here

    1. Huh! I wondered why I was so thirsty the last few days!! so much for the info and the link I'm gonna check it out when I'm next on my lappy!
      Massive thanks for stopping by and commenting this time!! I owe you!!
      Have better stair journeys than me!!! Xx

  3. Sorry to hear that you have broken your ankle. I have never broken a bone either, I hope it isn't my turn anytime soon.

    Get better soon.


  4. It sounds painful, I hope it heals up soon!

  5. awwh poor you! I've sprained my ankle and I thought that was broken! Hope you feel better soon x

  6. I've nominated you for a very inspiring blog award check out the post here:


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