Saturday, 8 March 2014

One Year Blogiversary Giveaway!!!! (PART ONE) **WINNERS ANNOUNCED!!**

FINALLY!!! I have got to being able to my giveaway that was due to be on 1st January to celebrate my Blogiversary!
So......yes its late, and i apologise for that, but i hope the prizes make up for that!
So, let me show you what you could win.  Theyre in no particular order and i think that each prize is a great one to win! Hope youre sitting comfortably!!!

Some ground rules that you should be aware of before going any further:

  1. This is UK ONLY - not my choice but Royal Mail has put a restriction of ANY nail polishes going out the country, so apologies to any international reader.
  2. Prizes are described as much as can be and are non negotiable if you win one, and cannot be exchanged for any other item or money.
  3. PLEASE DO NOT POST THIS GIVEAWAY ON ANY COMPETITION SITES -THIS ONE IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT - this is a nail related giveaway, and i want the prizes to go to people who love all things nails too. I dont want someone who just enters it because its a competition and something can be won. PLEASE help me contain this from those sites, thank you.
  4. After the winners name has been picked they have 4 days to reply with their details.  If no reply was forthcoming, another winner will be picked.
  5. Should go without saying, the prizes need to be delivered to a UK address.  It will be posted 2nd class with proof of postage.  Anything that is over 4 polishes will be delivered alternitavely.


Ok guys, you know i wanted this to be a big blow out giveaway, and i think it is....but i think it would be better in 2 separate giveaways, so this is part one and part two will run after it, so be sure to keep an eye out for that one!

As most of you know, i have broke my ankle and am at my mums until it heals.  I had the foresight to bring the prizes for Part One, but i thought id be home in time to do part two...i may well be, but i have an appointment at the fracture clinic on 20th May here.
If you'd like to leave your opinion on what i should do here, id like that. I have 2 thoughts:

  1. Begin the giveaway but make it a longer running time
  2. Wait till i get back home and begin the giveaway there and run it for a much shorter length of time.
Any thoughts would be appreciate, thanks all!!

So for Part One these are the prizes available!

Prize #1
(one voucher for The Devil Wears Polish)

Prize #2
(2 Fullsize Smitten Polishes)

Prize #3 
(Opi Set 1 - 
4 polishes shown below)

Prize #4
Nails Inc Set 1
(4 Nails Inc polishes as shown below)

Prize #5
Darling Diva Set
( 4 Full Sized Darling Diva Polishes as shown below)

Prize #6
Mini Opi Sets
( 2 Mini Opi sets as shown below)

Prize #7
(one Full Sized bottle of 
"Alice In Polishland - Bruised Her Soul

Prize #8
Huge Nail Art Bundle
(as pictured below)

Prize #9
Lacquerhead 2 polishes and a cuticle oil
(as shown below)

Prize #10
3 Deborah Lippmann Polishes 
(3 full sized, boxed polishes shown below)

Prize #11
One Full Size Bottle of 
Quirk's "Cosette"

Prize #12
2 Full Sized Cameo Colours
(2 polishes as shown below)

Click 3 time picture courtesy of
**Please note: The Cameo Colours IS NOT  available due to Royal Mail Losing it in the post.   Stupid Royal Mail :( **

so there you have it! This is part one of the giveaway, and part two will have new prizes, so double the chances to win, and great odds on both! know what to do! 
Good luck, i hope you win what you like!

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Congrats to the 11 winners!! (sadly the cameo polishes didnt make it through our mail system). emails have been sent to the winners!

I have to say a HUGE, MASSIVE thank you to the polish makers who kindly donated for my giveaway!

If you liked these prizes that were kindly donated by the below polishers youll NEED to see the rest of their stock.
Each Banner will take you to their store so you can have a browse around.  Below them is their Facebook pages so you can keep up to date with any restocks, discounts, giveaways and revealing of new pretties!



  1. FANTASTIC!!! WHAT A GREAT GIVAWAY!!! Glad your health is improving you have been so ill nice to see you back on
    form xxx

  2. fabulous giveaway love it good luck everyone :)

  3. Congrats on your blogiversary xxx love the Cosette polish ♥♥

  4. Wow Claire what a huge and fab giveaway, Belated congrats on your blogoversary too.
    Angela x

  5. What incredible prizes, good luck to everyone! I've got my fingers crossed for the nail art prize! :)

    Frankie x
    Curiouser and Curiouser

  6. Great Prizes and belated congratulations on your blogoversary

  7. Congrats on your blogiversary!!!! This is the best giveaway I've seen on a blog for ages :) My fav prize is probably the Nails Inc set - I love their polishes!!! Such good coverage and the colours look amazing :) Thanks so much for the competition!! xx

  8. Congrats hun on your blogiversary :) Awesome giveaway and thanks for wicked prizes! I like the mini OPI's only as I only have one OPI in my collection and would love to try more. Good luck to everyone xx


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