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Nail Polish and Buffy? Oh My Stars!! Thank you MckFresh!

When i saw the collection from MckFresh based on the classic and iconic Buffy The vampire Slayer - i HAD to have them.  There were 10 in the collection including 3 limited editions.  I got the 3 limited editions but from the main collection i didn't get Giles, Spike or Oz.  But the only reason for that was it was colours that wouldn't suit me!  But looking at Labmuffin pics, maybe i was too hasty!!
Give you warning now, this is very different to how i normally do my polish reviews as its a brilliant excuse to show off Buffy - don't groan! I too was sceptical, but a friend made me watch the first series and then i was hooked.....its not as bad as you think!!

Ive sooooo looked forward to doing this post as it gives me a chance to post some Buffy bits up as well as polish *girly squeal*

Just a note about the polishes themselves.  This is the first time I've had McKfresh polishes, as a general rule they don't deliver out of Australia, but i desperately wanted these, so Kate (owner and creator!) kindly helped them get to me....but Royal Mail in their usual style lost the first lot, so Kate had to send them to me i had to wait longer, but i didn't mind, i knew id love them!
They are an extremely smooth polish to use, a wonderful consistency that if you just put 2 coats on it covers it completely, but that extra third coat adds more zing to it!
So each of these mani's had 3 coats of the polish and the top coat was HK Girl which gives it its amazing glossy shiny finish.

Now, if you haven't met Buffy before, this is our girl and the polish made with her in mind...

So, onto the polishes themselves.
Starting with Buffy....

Described as "a black based polish with shimmers, flakies and flecks in pinks and coppers."

I'm not a huge fan of browny type colours, but this is different - do you not think? You can see the glitters which sets it apart from any other browns I've come across. Its so unique and i actually love it!

Next, probably my favourite character, especially towards the last few series is Willow. 

Kate gave Willow a brilliant colour which encaptures both good Willow and Dark Willow. Described as "a black based maroon shimmer polish with flakies specks and red dusts."

The polish is amazingly gorgeous, and the flakies are visible even without the sun shining on it. Another i so love!

Next "slayerette" is Xander - the only human in the group with no special powers - but he is a brilliant character!
Seriously, watch this video to see some real funny moments!

The colour for Xander was a gorgeous deep royal blue duochome that shifts from blue to green. It also jam packs in some extra blue flecks that add such a lusciousness to this polish!

Next up is the polish made with Angel the Good Vampire in mind (or Angelus the Bad Vampire, depending on which way you look at it!). For this i could only find the story of Buffy and Angel, so this is it!

This polish is a gorgeous "blurple/black based polish with flakes, flecks, silver dust and blue iridescent bars."  It can be dissected to make it a symbolic polish showing the dark side and the light side of Angel, but truly...its just another fantastic polish!

I love the way this one shimmers and the minute glitters catch the light and its pretty much the best deep purple colour i know  - a gorgeous polish!

OK, so that's it for the Buffy Cast - the next 3 were the Limited Editions.

First up is "Grrr-Argh".  Makes no sense to people who haven't watched the Buffster - but at the end of every show it shows that "Mutant Enemy" was involved in the making of the program, and a little alien type thing runs across the screen saing "grrr-argh".....oh look at this...makes it easier..!!

Yeah - a little wierd, but once youve watched Buffy (again and again) it comes the norm!
Anyway, this polish is my favourite colour -purple, and a fantastically deep plum, with oodles of multi coloured pieces of glitter that sparkle in any light.

Next up - i LOVE the scene from this one. Its called "Bunnies Are Evil".  Anya (the ex demon, or demon, depending which series you're in!) has a HUGE phobia of rabbits for some reason.  During the episode called "Once More With Feeling" she sings it....this is just one of the songs in the episode....

I've Got a Theory - Legendado PTBR from Sith BR on Vimeo.

Again, another purple (no complaints here!).  Looking in the Etsy store, there aren't any of these left and I'm not sure if Kate will be restocking, but I'm so glad i got this!
Its another deep purple, but in contrast to "Grrr Arggh" its more of a royal purple which is a bit lighter, and is obviously purple.  Again, scattered with glitter and just so pretty!

Last, but not least is the polish "Once More With Feeling".  This was the name of one of the episode where everything is pretty much sung due to a demon attack.  I didn't want to put the whole lot here, so i picked the song that Spike sings to Buffy (mainly cos i haven't managed to put any Spike pics or videos up!!).

i know, i know another purple - i cant resist purples, you all know that by now!!

This is more blurple chrome- depending which light its in, its either blue or purple - both delicious!  A smattering of blue glitter to help its prettiness and voila, we have yet again, another beautiful polish courtesy of MckFresh!

As i said, Kate generally doesn't post to the UK, but every now and then, she opens up the shipping to include us, so if i were you, if you want to grab some direct from McKFresh id follow the facebook page to keep up to date!
I know Buffy ruled this page allot, but the polishes hold their own very well against the clips - especially if you don't watch them!!
Kate is a really nice girl, very helpful and obviously loves what shes doing with her polishes.  If you get a chance to try them, i would happily recommend!  Ways to find MckFresh are below!

As always, happy polishing!!

ways to find/follow Mckfresh
Etsy Store:


  1. You seriously lucky lady.
    I remember the days of being glued to Buffy on the TV. I do prefer the movie thought LOL
    The Xander varnish is lush! Not too much glitter. Great post.

    Thanks for sharing hun
    Lotte xo
    Berice Baby - London Lifestyle & Parenting Blog

  2. Ahhhhh... I can't even! So gorgeous! Oh, and also... silly Claire.. they're called Scoobies, not Slayerettes! :)

  3. haha! you are right, but in the first series Willow says "your the Slayer, and were like the slayerettes" - i think its in one of the videos up there!! ^^^ But totally agree Scoobies is more appropriate!!

  4. Wow great post explains it all never seen a post done like this, the polishes are soooooooooooo great lovely colours xxx

  5. I love that these polishes are based off of a show- great post!
    Emma XOXO

  6. Great post!! I love Buffy The Vampire Slayer and now these polishes! x

  7. I love all the nail polishes but your missing some people like spike,cordelia,harmony, faith and any other people who are in buffy

  8. And also you missed dawn from buffy too and spike just wears his nails black or natural so that's ok lol


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