Saturday, 15 February 2014

TRIAL & REVIEW: Sweet Tooth? Yup, Me Too....

Everyone has some sort of Achilles Heel when it comes to food. Some like savoury, some like chocolate, some like peanuts etc....
For the past few months i have had a major hankering for sweets like Haribo's and Maoms - fruity chewy sweets.  But as much as i love them, i am also aware they're not doing much for my calorie and sugar intake as well as any effect on my teeth.

When Goody Good Stuff contacted me about their own brand of fruity sweets, how could i say no? It could be possible that my Sweet Tooth did all the emailing and discussions!!

So, OK, what makes THESE fruity sweets different to the other fruity sweets on the market?

Goody Good Stuff is an all natural, meat free alternative to traditional gummy based sweets. Launched in 2010, Goody Good Stuff is now one of the fastest growing FMCG in Britain, and it’s easy to see why. Goody Good Stuff prides itself on ‘Free From’ USP’s, our delicious line is:
. Fat Free                     . Meat Free                 . GMO Free
. Soy Free                    . Egg Free                    . Gluten Free
. Dairy Free                 . Alcohol Free              . Nut Free
Goody Good Stuff is completely allergen free, making it the first of its kind on the market. The product is perfect for retailers specialising in Halal, Kosher, Vegetarian, Vegan or healthy eating diets, as well as retailers wishing to stock fun and family friendly confectionery. 

Sounds very different right? So you must be thinking something along the lines that maybe the flavour has been compromised. Oh My God - you could NOT be further than the truth.  These taste amazing!  I was lucky enough to get these to try:

  • Cheery Cherries
  • Strawberry Cream
  • Sour Fruit Salad
  • Sour Cheery Cherries
  • Cola Breeze
OK, heres where my plan fails.  Initially i wanted to photograph what they looked like, but in my haste to try them...i kinda....ate them all before i could grab a picture (apart from the strawberries Cream and the cherry Cherries!) (sorry!!), so ill be using staple pictures from the Goody Good Stuff website for the ones i didn't chance to photo (i do hope that's OK!!).

I first tried the Cheery Cherries....

Not sure what i was expecting, but after my long nibbles on Maoms, fruitella an Haribo fruit chews.....i kind of thought they would be along the same lines....
BUT i was totally wrong! WOW - the cherry flavours were the best cherry flavoured sweeties i have tried.  And that is my OWN opinion and i wished i had more to carry on nibbling!  So very moreish and fruity! YUM!!

Next i tried the "Strawberries Cream", again!!! These are little gummy sweets, with the red being the strawberry flavoured and the white being the cream, so put both in together and you get a gorgeous hit of fresh strawberries and cream!

The Sour Cheery Cherries - still as much cherry flavour as you can pack into a sweet with that extra zingy sour sugar surrounding each one!

The Sour Fruit Salad - WOW. Fresh and zingy.  Grapefruit and other zingy sour fruit flavours were a prominent flavour, leaving your mouth feeling actually quite refreshed!

The cola bottles.....well i feel I'm repeating myself but the same goes for these - the cola flavour is just so much MORE than the generic ones you get.


These are delicious!  Much more fruit flavour compared to other high street brands.  They were extremely moreish, and there are times after I've had a few other fruity sweets that i can feel a bit "OK, I've had enough now" but these....i swear i could have carried on nibbling on them....which is dangerous for me!
My favourites had to be the cherries - either with or without the zingy sugar coating.  They were so flavoursome and went too quick!!
Price wise - depending where you buy it is approx £1 for a 100g bag,which is actually a pretty good price!
To find where to buy them there is a massive list HERE- they're not as hard to find as you think!

And my final thought....oh yeah, ill be buying these again!!

Happy nibbling guys!!

To find out more about Goody Good Sweets:
To find your local store that stocks Goody Good Sweets:

**items received by company in return for an honest trial and review. No payment or compensation has been recieved and my opnions are all my own**


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  2. I love fruit snacks! These sound delicious!♥b

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  4. These look absolutely delicious! I really want to gobble down a pack right now. Great review by the way.


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