Tuesday, 11 February 2014

NOTD: OPI DS Extravagance

Its been an Indie Fest polish wise here for a while, so i thought i'd dig around in the collection a bit more and pull out a more accessible brand, and this popped into my eyesight!

OPI's are generally lovely polishes anyway, but the DS (Designer Series) take them that little step further - more zing, more MORE - you know?  A lot of them are quite hard to find, but luckily Extravagance doesn't appear to be among that list- yet!  One word of warning - if you're planning to buy from an online auction site, please be aware that OPI Fakes are rife and you can easily be paying for a less superior product.  Make sure you're happy that its the genuine article (this goes for all OPI's not just the DS's)

Extravagance has been on my Lemming list for a while, so i was delighted to be able to pick it up from a friend.

Its a gorgeous dark dusty pink with pink and silver glitter running through it

As with any OPI so easy to apply and a dream to work with.  This took just 2 coats.  Base and top coat used here was Eye Candy Gel Wrap System.  The top coat has the most glossy appearance and really brings the colour and sparkle out. LOVE IT!

I think you can see why i had it as a lemming for a while - theres no other word that i can think of but beautiful for it.  I'm glad I've got it my collection!

I have a few other DS's but do you have any? Are there any you'd recommend me to look at? I'm always open to ogling polishes, so do let me know!

As always, Happy polishing guys!


  1. That is beautiful, I am obsessed with glitter but could never get it this perfect

    I've just posted my first outfit post (I usually only blog about music) check it out here, if you get a second x

    Daisy x

    1. Hi daisy! Thank you for stopping by!! Oooooh a music blog! What a brilliant idea!! Will be sure to check you out! Thanks for stopping by!! Xx

  2. Thank you Kerrie for squishing a lemming and I promise it has a good home of brothers and sisters!!!! ;) seriously thank you - I knew it looked lovely on pics but irl it's just gorgeous!!


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